Dried longan

Me: Darling, what are these? For the soup issit?

Wife: No dear, its dried longan, and you can just eat it like that

Me: Yum Yum **takes the whole bottle and hide**

Mom: Hey, who took all the longan?

And the Award goes to......

Who took Mommy's marker pen and made these faces?

Who tore out the sticker and played with stamps?

Who practised their homework on the walls?

Who wrecked Mommy's marker pens?

Who drew pictures in every corner?

Who drove Grandma nuts with Mommy's ballpoint pen?

Yes, its none other than Kristine, the skirt wearing Monster.
And in appreciation of her spirit of artistic achivements, she
was presented with the Trophy for the Naughtiest Girl in the House

The Advantages of a 4x4

This driver thought he could cross over but did not account for the busy traffic

Anyone also can

As you can see, they're in desperate need of a person
who is well versed in the English language, regardless
of experience

RFID cards

With more people using these RF cards for door access, I have to reflect how far we have come. In the olden days, the staff would just key in a 4-digit code and the door would open. And then, you find grimy keypads because no one bothers to wash thier hands. Then, someone had a bright idea of putting magnetic strips on cards and hence the "swipe" cards and credit cards were born. Now, everyone realised that the swipe cards have a high "wear and tear" factor and thus, the RFID cards were invented. OK, so I did not check the Internet for correct sequence of event but this is about right.

For every solution, there are problems. Still, these devices must be sold. They must be installed and used. Because in a nutshell, no one would hire a staff to sit on a desk, record every other staff's movements on a book and open the correct doors for them.

On the right is the normal RDIF card while on the left is the keychain
version. I have yet to try the keychain version though since we do not
have a RFID reader at the moment.