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The trip to Lake Gardens

You know, with these 3-day weekends, my internal timing can really go nuts. Although today is Wesak day, I felt as if today was a Sunday (even though its a Monday). Still, I can't complain because I get to wake up past 12 o'clock twice in a row!

So, it was the usual lunch, mayhem and chaos around the house until six in the evening where Mommy decided it was time for us to go to Lake Gardens! The mission is, to visit the Deer Park.

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, most of the place is under construction, especially the stage area. So, we walked a bit until we saw the playground area. Wow. It is like a (free) micro-sized Disneyland for kids. Since there are no other places to go, we decided to let the girls play about there.

Kaelynn and Kristine having their lunch.

When we arrived, we were amazed at the size of
the playground. It was one set to another and some
were linked by bridges

And such colours too

Even the slides were almost two stories high

Some places were too small for parents to
follow and this made the children feel so

Some are so high, you'd actually start to
worry about them falling

And some are so cramped, you'd feel
like Alice
chasing after the White Rabbit

Kristine did enjoy those tall slides

While Kaelynn prefers the lower ones

Then there is this weird swing which Kristine
totally enjoyed but not Kaelynn. Amazingly,
everyone waited patiently for their turn, and
you have the occasional child-panic because it
was swung with their backs facing forward

Kristine met her challenge today. She was too
scared to go past the middle.

Finally, it was 8pm and we know Kristine does
not want to go home so i have to be strict with
her but I gave her one last round on the bridge
and some more slides before we call it a day