Trip tp Alor Setar A

So the new shortcut made my journey shorter and I made it to Prai in under five and a half hours. So, its time to get a Hotel and clean myself up, wash away all the sweat in the car. And then call up Loctor Mayat for dinner plans, who came with his wife as well.

Its already six in the evening and the Sun is still
shining. Yeah, it was a hot day.

While waiting for Loctor, I decided to shoot some
flat deers

Loctor took me to two DVD houses where I spent almost
RM90 for some choice DVDs and some were Barney for
Kristine. Not only that, he gave me his Playstation too.

Some of the titles I could remmeber were:
Invincible Iron Man, Mirrormask, Bridge to Terabitha,
Pan's Labyrinth, Barney series, Curse ot the Golden Flower,
Protege, Exile, Twins Mission. The rest, I forgot but I remember
the prices, which is RM5 to 7 and the actual DVD9 is RM8 only

Trip to Prai C

Some spots you will see these Solar Lights

And there is not many of them, though

This is one stretch I love to take a lot of shots and
also, I wished I was driving my Satria.
Its a very nice downhill slope

Holy cow! There are no deers at all!

Trip to Prai B

This is the new road from Baling. As the road is new
and there is very little traffic and no lights, this is
not a very secure place to travel at night. But
during the day, its like driving in Heaven. Just
play one of those inspiring CDs, and you know
the feeling. Nice but very lonely

All the while, there are a few bridges like these and
they're wonderful. Maybe next time, I will stop the
car and ask the passenger to take photos of me

Throughout the roads, I see many signs like this but
I don't see any

Isn't this view wonderful? As long as you do not go
over the clift......

Trip to Prai A

Today is the last day for me in Kota Bahru. And instead of going back to home sweet home, I have to drive all the way West to Alor Setar. And I must do this before sunset.....

The clients were literally begging me to stay on so that I can complete the remaining work but with the deadline over and the Main-con "hiding", I have to follow my Boss's orders. By the time I've taken a shower and checked out, it was almost 1230 in the afternoon.

The system is installed but most of the lines
were not in. The Telekoms guys have done
their jobs but I do not have the time to go
trace the cables for each line for them. So
I will have to come back another time

Yes! The new road from Kota Bahru to Jeli to Grik is
now open! This will cut short my trip considerably.
Until I got lost a couple of times...........

And all this while, we were slowed down by this car
since we cannot overtake due to the lines on the
road. Ha ha ha

This is one of the bunkers ar Temenggong Lake
which I wanted to take for quite a long while
Its not easy to stop the car and snap them
as there weer other cars behind me