Good Morning! Let's start with the most important meal of the day. And today, we have baked sausage with barbeque sauce. What the...

Who in their right ind would have Sausage Bread with Barbeque sauce? Why, this.. this.. is.. this is an insane! What kind of person would commit such vandalistic act of buffonery on a gastronomical scale of babarical proportions?

My Goodness!

In all perfect of the sane, no one, I mean no one would pour Baebeque sauce over such baked sausages. I mean, barbeque flavoured baked sausages? How can you even fathom such ignoramusable idea that sends frogs of sausages to their very doom?

Actually, if the Home Ministry said this is the approved
daily ration for the insanely challenged, then I must eat
it or forever suffer the ills of gastronomic consequences.