Monkeys in da House

We were visited by actual monkeys today. Because everyone had gone out except myself and Kristine, the whole house was actually very quiet. So quiet that it you broke a plate in the kitchen, everyone would know you broke a plate in the kitchen. I was not sure what made me look in the kitchen but what I saw was something unpleasant.

There were two monkeys at the back. One was going across the white wall while the other was at the window. And so, I snuck back and took my camera. The firs few flashes surprised it and it went into cautious mode. As I was about to go near it and scare it off, Kristine came down and made some noise. As I turned around to answer her, I heard a plastic bag rustle and the monkey was gone...........

This little fella was obviously very hungry and I am not surprised.
With so many developments around the area, their homes are
virtually gone and so, after the squirrels, now comes the other
aimals. Its a matter of time before snakes or other things
start sharing the place with us.

And it was eyeing the trashcan. The monkeys have been around
before, and this was the first time I saw it in the kitchen. The last
time was a civet cat which tore the dry cat food bag open in the
middle of the night. Or course, our cat was scared shitless.

I wanted to trap this monkey but I dare not because of the news
in the late 90's that a house Bangsar Park were surrounded
by monkeys
who made a lot of noises until the house owner
released the baby monkey

Fresh loaf, with only two slices eaten summore.......haih.