OMG! She Stands!

Just for about more than half a minute, Kristine maneaged to stand on her own two feet after propping herself up with the container box. And she was so busy eating the Sweet Potato Keropok, she was unaware of our excitement.

She was resting her hands on the container box....

Then, she forgot about the fact she does not know how to stand

Too engrossed with the Keropok

Ha ha ha ha ha

I don't know what's all the excitement about

My Fantasy Project - The PADD Update 30.12.05

Once the euphoria of finding and buying the Lithium Polymer battery dies down and rality sinks in, I think I need to redesign the PADD. After a long conversation Kenny, who is a friend of mine, his idea of using a Mobile Phone battery to power the PADD is was good idea. And what's more, everyone has a Mobile Phone anyway. So, its just a case of getting an extra Lithium battery for your phone, charge it and then plonk it into the PADD. That is, until I told him I am going to seal the PADD (ha ha) and this creates more problems. Moreover, no one is going to go out and buy a slim battery and the charger for it.


I am in Deep Doo-Doo

You know, its one of these things that I wished I cut my leave short. And its not even 12o'clock yet.

It all started when she woke up at 1045
So I gave her some milk

After that, I have problems telling her she is too young to be an Engineer

To placate her, I gave some fresh orange

All is well until the orange is gone

In the quest for more Orange Juice, she wandered everywhere

Before leaving her mark.
How am I going to explain this to my Wife?

My Fantasy Project - The PADD Update 27.12.05

After I bought the "Glamour Switch" it was on to the next item in my list. The battery for my PADD. The problem is that I do need somekind of a rechargeable power supply which can handle all the electronics yet slim enough to fit into the PADD. The thickness of the PADD is about 11mm, with the front and rear layers taking 3mm each, I have 4 mm to play with.

So, normal batteries are out of the question and so are coin cell types. I did think of using a Mobile Phone battery but they have problems such as thickness and/or insufficient output. While searching, I came across a new battery called Lithium Polymer which does suit my requirement. Unfortunately, this means ordering from Overseas as I have absolute confidence that it is not available here in Malaysia.

And since today is a nice day, I was so glad my theory was proven wrong. Someone has left a battery catalogue on the shelf and after looking at it, they do have the Li-Po I am looking for. Since they do not sell the catalogue nor acknowledge it is theirs, I took down the address of their office and paid them a visit. So, I got one today, but unfortunately, the thinner (2.7mm) LiPo I wanted was not on sale anymore since it is, according to them, slow dischage which is also a slow moving stock (ha ha) and I have to redesign the PADD so that it can accomodate the fatter one. No sense in buying that thin LiPo which they do not bring in anymore. And bummer, they do not have a LiPo charger was well.

After speaking to them, I now have another problem as Li-Pos cannot be charged beyond 4.2 volts and cannot be discharged below 2.5volts. So, this means I have to creat a circuit to monitor the darn thing. There are stories about Lithium (not Lithium Polymer, but you get my drift) batteries in Mobile Phones exploding and now, I am starting to believe in them after seeing this. You can read the full thread here.

Darn! Now I have to source and make more circuits!

The badass Lithium Polymer battery
574490 2,400mAH battery
574490 means 5.7mm height, 44mm width and 90mm long


1) PADD Design - Done
2) Electronics to light up the view area - Sourcing
3) Electronics to control the LEDs - KIV
4) Electronics to control the switching On/Off - KIV
5) Battery issue - Sourcing. Need controlling circuits
6) Redesign of PADD actrylic due to fitting of Electronics - KIV
7) Viewscreen design - KIV
8) Types of spray paints that does no react with the acrylics years from now - KIV
9) The correct colours for the PADD - KIV

If you'd like to have an ultra accurate PADD kit, you can contact Matthew Munson at (You need to remove the "_" from the E-Mail first as these spam bots are nasty). And, if you like to have THE ULTIMATE PADD that has lights and sound, you can give Gerhard Mros a call at and you will not be disappointed.

Just a side note:
At first I thought I could make use of this paper thin technology but then again, I would need more help on creating the displays and also, the Prototype Kits are USD3,000!!!! Still, E-Ink is going to make some news with their first joint venture with Seiko on the latest watch. You can read more from here.

Missile Style Toggle Switch Cover

I am on leave today and tomorrow. What a way to spend my leave by going to my favourite haunt, Pasar Road. Its been weeks since I was last there and I happen to come across one of the shops selling this:

A rocker switch. Yes, its just a switch but since we're so used to watching action movies, this type of switch has been "glamourised" into a very important switch. When the Hero needs to prepare a missile in the jet plane, he flips the switch. Or, there is a need to arm a complex/nulcear bomb, the bad guy flips a switch.

So, it is this switch which unfortunately, suckers like me would also kill for. Its made in Taiwan and it comes in transparent orange, green and blue. No solid red like the ones you see in the Movies. So, I would have to paint it solid red myself.

Unfortunately, once the euphoria has died down and I paid the money, it just dawned on me that I have absolutely no use whatseoever for it in my car, even though Idreamt of installing it for years. Maybe I will use it for a rear horn..........

Woo Hoo!

The tip of the switch las a red LED too

Sharp as a tack

Me: What time does the shop close?
Girl: 10PM
Me: What time does it open?
Girl: 8AM
What time does Jusco close?
Girl: 10PM
What time does 7-11 close?
Girl: 10.... hey!

Sometimes you can catch them off guard. But the staff in the office? They would look at you blankly and ask you to repeat the question again and again, thus taking the edge off the joke.

Renovating or closing down?
This 7-11 outlet has closed doors since 20.12.2005

Today is Thursday

Whole day working. Was dismantling a PABX from Jalan Masjid India alopng with their wooden cabinets. Then we have to bring them all to the new office in Jalan Sultan Ismail. It was tiring as the items were very heavy

Work, work, work.

Worked like a Dog.

Woof! Woof!

I have two technicians under me now and then newest one needs contant supervision. So, this saps my already "mental" brain.

Work, work, work.

Worked like a Dog.

Woof! Woof!

1830: My phone rings (for the 12th time)
Him: Hey, you still there?
Me: Yeah, we're about to finish but the customer can't make up their mind where to put the tables. This means we can't put the phones yet
Him: Do you know what time it is now?
Me: Half-past six, lor.
Him: Do you know what day today is?
Me: Thursday, ma. Why?
Him: Its Tong Chit, la. (Chinese Winter Solstice)
Me: Oh, shit. I thought it was tomorrow
Him: Nope. So, you'd better go home now.
Me: What? In this evening jam? (As I peered out of the 22th floor window)

1900: My phone rings (for the I-also-dunno-how-many time)
His Brother: Yo! Where are you now?
Me: Happily jamming away in Jalan Sultain Ismail (took me 15 minutes to get out and get stuck for 100 metres)
His brother: Can you pick me up at Sungei Wang area?
Me: What!? (This means a wonderful U-turn in the jam, so, not very happy about this)
His brother: I met with an accident
Me: *Switch Emergency mode* Shift gear, cut lanes, curse other cars for not moving and also bully other cars to cut into their lanes
His brother: How soon can you be there?
Me: About 15 minutes or so
His brother: Hurry, please.

1904: *Ring* *Ring*
Him: Where are you now?
Me: Somewhere near The Weld (Jalan Raja Chulan). Your brother met with an accident
Him: Sigh. Yeah, he just called. Can you make it?

1940: *Ring* *Ring*
Me: Hoi! I am here! Where the heck are you!
His brother: Er, I am on the way, just passed by the Bomba (in Jalan Imbi)
Me: OK, I am waiting here beside the Karaoke Lounge at Imbi Plaza
*Popped open car bonnet to pretend car has heating problems*

Wah! So dirty, my car!
(One day I went through a mud puddle unintentionally)

Later in the car, after helping him remove his stuff. With his diffculty opening the car's door and removing his jacket, I suspect serious internal injury.:
Me: So, what happened?
His brother: I was riding my bike at Jalan Kuching to KL when this car swerved into my lane and hit me with his bumper.
Me: Hah!? You got hit there and you want me to pick you up here? (In Sungei Wang)
His brother: Well, I had to hand over the keys to a customer here, ma.
Me: You should have gone to hospital, you know.
His brother: Nah, need to finish work first and besides, I need to go home to get the cash for the Doctor's Bill.
Me: ...............
His brother: So, I asked the guy (who hit me) to take me here instead.
Me: Ok, so now its to your house, right?
His brother: Yeah.
Me: You want me to adjust the seat for you to lie down?
His brother: No, its just the right angle for the arm. I can rest it like this.
Me: *looked at him more closely*
His brother: My arms swollen and its numb, see my face? Is swollen on the right too.
Me: *and I looked down at his legs* How fast were you going?

His brother: At 80Kmh
Me: Lucky you're still here (alive) and in one piece
His brother: Yea, at least my swollen arm is still numb (but painful)
Me: Sorry for my car's hard suspension, ah.
His brother: .....................

*Ring* *Ring*
Him: What's the status now?
Me: He's with me
Him: Has he gotten the details of the accident and the other driver?
His brother:, no.
Me: No. But his arms swollen, his face is swollen and he is bleeding at the knee
Him: Sigh.

*Ring* *ring*
Wife: Where are you now? Your parents are waiting for you for the Praying Ceremony
Me: I'll be a bit late. His brother met with an accident and we're driving him back to his house
Wife: OK, then take your time, don't rush (like a maniac)
Me: Right. Be back by 2145 ETA

His brother: I wonder if my Wife already knows about it (accident). She would freak out
Me: I hope now, with her current condition (one more week to delivery). Don't want her to have more stress than it is. Have you registered with the Hospital?
His brother: No, we're going there this Saturday.
Me: Who is you Doctor and which room?
His brother: We're going there this Saturday to sort things out
Me: You'b better because its Christmas Eve and they could be on leave next week
His brother: Yeah (sigh). But I can't go home like this.
Me: Tell her you fell and scraped your knee
His brother: My swollen face?
Me: And hit a wall
His brother: My arm?
Me: You can hide this, wat
His brother: Not that easy la.
Me: Well, you have to think of something because we're outside your house now

His panicked Wife rushed to come out, looked and him, "Hei! (....whisper...whisper...)"

His brother: (...whisper...whisper...)
Me: Yeah, you're welcome and good night too

[Update: 24.12.2005]
We just heard that his Wife gave birth to a baby girl while he was on M.C. yesterday

My Fantasy Project - The PADD Update 21.12.05

I just got back the four pieces of acrylics today and I am so over the moon! They used transparent acrylics because its more common and cheaper, I guess. It felt so nice to hold them too.

Anyway, there are a few things I noticed but I'll let the pictures tell you. So, I guess I have to go to Phase II which is to R&D on the Electronics. I have more or less decided what I want to do with the project now, and I'll go in stages. But I think this project is further set back maybe end 2006 and not in six months time as most fo the cash I am saving are now going towards car repair (RM1000) and the coming Chinese New Year Ang Pows (the price of getting married). So, I am crossing off the checklist now:

1) PADD Design - Done
2) Electronics to light up the view area - Started on research
3) Electronics to control the LEDs - Waiting
4) Electronics to control the switching On/Off - Waiting. Need RM400
5) Battery issue - Waiting. Need to look at current batteries available
6) Redesign of PADD actrylic due to fitting of Electronics - Oh, shit. This is getting to be expensive
7) Viewscreen design - I have absolutely no idea on this yet
8) Types of spray paints that does no react with the acrylics years from now - Ha ha ha ha ha
9) The correct colours for the PADD - Not easy in Malaysia

Here they are! All accurately cut

I noticed some burnt marks....

And three pieces have small melted "dents" in them, most probably where the laser starts and stops

And maybe there was a problem cutting one of the holes

Four laters, but the second layer (from the top) is supposed to be 1mm thick

View of the middle layer
See the square hole on the left?
If the electronics are OK, then this will be the slot for the Optical Isolinear Chip at the size of (2.4 x 8cm)

OK, this is roughly what it looked like when I arranged them

Hee hee hee. I couldn't resist!
As soon as I got home, I tore away the paper backing and stacked them
But there were a lot of dust and the acrylics were scratched

Here is another shot. Almost like an X-Ray image

If you'd like to have an ultra accurate PADD kit, you can contact Matthew Munson at (You need to remove the "_" from the E-Mail first as these spam bots are nasty). And, if you like to have THE ULTIMATE PADD that has lights and sound, you can give Gerhard Mros a call at and you will not be disappointed.

Car Park Menace @ KL SOGO

Now, they're using another tactic.
They will wait at the entrance and "guide" you to an empty parking lot
You will assume they are part of the Sogo Car Park staff.

Once you "obey" their instructions, they will cooly walk over to you and make a killing

Man: There. There, park next to Volvo
Me: OK, (no choice since I was rushing for an appointment)

Seconds later, after I parked my car and I was still in it, he walked towards my car

Man: Boss, want to buy this? (Showing me the spray cans in his bag)
Me: No. This is not my car le (bluff him a bit so he lose interest)
Man: This spray good (He then take out and spray on my wiper
Man: Ok, OK. Keep quiet la, you don't have to shout! Just a spray only
Man quickly walks away. And I walked away too, but at the distance to take his photo.

I wonder why KL SOGO allows these type of people there. All year round, they will park their red van and then start selling their spray to these customers. One day, they might get aggressive and the customer has no choice but to buy in case something happens to their car while they're away. The spray smells like WD40 but there is no telling what it would do to your car parts. And if something goes wrong, would SOGO be responsible since the parking receipt has their name?

The place not only has these people selling sprays, but sometimes, you can meet the odd guy selling watches. At one time, these "spray guys" were not around and were replace with guys selling car security plates to prevent break-ins. Yeah, you're right. What the hell. If they can demonstrate how to break into your car, and they know how to install these plates, it would still not reinforce your confidence about parking over there.

And I paid RM8 for this afternoon's experience

My Fantasy Project - The PADD Update 20.12.2005

Its been more than two weeks since I continued with my PADD project. This is due to the problems I had when converting the CAD drawings into a format that the Laser Cutter can understand. After going to and fro, today, (for the sixth time) we finally got it working. So, I hope to collect the acrylic templates tomorrow.

I am so happy now

Day Dreaming Driver

I hate this type of drivers who drives slowly to change lanes. And most of the times, you do not know if they want to do that or just drive like that. It happened this morning and when I passed by, the car decided to switch lanes NOW. So, I ended up with a whack on my wing mirror and got horned.

I was so pissed that I wanted to get down and give the driver a piece of my mind.

Further on, an impatient van wanted to go faster but there was a taxi in front. So, it overtook and did an emergency brake to teach the taxi a lesson in speed (or so the taxi driver thought) and the taxi swerved onto my lane in anticipation. Nearly caused an accident. Damn!

ProLink USB Wifi 802.11g

My FujiFilm was running low of battery so I decided to look for fresh ones while everyone was still at Hartz's. When I came to the bottomost floor, I stii could not find any Energiser E2, so I decided to try my luck at Sunway Piramid's IT Centre, and stopped at the Multigallery Computer shop. (Bad move, ha ha ha)

Instructions, cables, the device and CD-ROM

Man: Yes, can I help you?
Me: I am looking for a USB Wifi thingy
Man: Here you go, this ok?
Me: Wah! RM149!!!
Man: I can give i to you for RM85 *wink* *wink*
Me: Hmm... (Going into stupid mode now: "Wah, more than 40% discount! Must buy! Must buy!")
Got any other, ah? How come you dun sell that 3Com wun?
Man: The PCMCIA version?
Me: Yeah, the one with retractable antenna lor
Man: Oh, that one, they don't make anymore them and also expensive ler. Summore its only "b" version
Me: OK, I take this one, then

After a bit more chatting, I nearly bought the RM249 USB Wifi (which comes with Lifetime warranty) and also a RM25 3.5 inch portable Hard Disk case (The Sony VIAO casing looked nice but then, what would I do with this case?). That Jerry guy was a damn good salesman, I tell you. Yeah, I can be in a very good mood if the Sales Person knows their stuff and do not patronise you. All you need to do is to show the customer your wares, the price and let them make their own decision. And if you did disagree, at least tell them honestly, why. Don't just float around like a parasite and, "Yes? Can I help you?"and look blur once the customer becomes technical.

First Anniversary Blog

It just occurred to me that I started blogging on 6th December 2004. Its more than a year already and after more than a thousand photos, its getting a bit tiresome.

I can't even concentrate on my Website too

Maybe I should just stop and do something else................

Kristine's Big Day

Today is Kristine's Big Day and she is one year old.

Loads of Buds Ice Cream I got from my customer yesterday

Krsitine's starts her day with some nutritious milk

Then its the Sunday papers

She wasn't feeling well for the past week
See the booger on her blocked nose?

Its yellow!

Kristine's Birthday Lunch at Hartz's Chicken Buffet at Sunway Piramid

Then its cake cutting in the evening

She is quite deft with the knife. Not!

Yep, she loved the cake.
A lot

MyKAD Reader

I was on my way back from Serdang, heading towards Jalan Ampang when I stopped by ProJet and notice something different. Yes, the Destina (24 Hour Shop) is no more and is replaced by 7-11. I think this move was a few weeks ago since everything is quite new.

After buying Nescafe Mistra's Tiramisu (it has gone down to RM2.00 now) I noticed that they do sell the MyKAD reader. This was from a comany called IST Smart and its a join venture with JPN. The packaging is a bit dodgy but then again, its the device you're really after. And it comes in a few colours, mainly transparent red, transparent blue and black. Anyway, after buying one, I tested it on the spot.

Test #1: *Kad tidak Sah* (Invalid card)
Me: Hah?! OMG! Quickly pull card out and try again
Test #2: *Baca Data* (Reading Data)
*New IC No.*
*Old IC No.*
*Address #1*
*Address #2*
*Address #3*
*Address #4*
*Address #5*
*Vehicle License Type*
*Vehicle License Class*
*Vehicle License Expiry Date*

The MyKAD reader

The contents are: The Reader with a keychain and a piece of paper explaining interpreted data

This reader says I am a Man!

My ATM card is fine
The reader just cannot read other cards........... yet

Overall, the device has no buttons whatsoever for you to scroll the data through. Instead, you would have to wait for it to slowly scroll until it reaches the part that you need, and that would take a very long time. Still, for RM23.50, its quite fun. Once I get bored with it, I am going to open the innards...............

The two red lines

Hoo boy............
(Here we go again! :D )

System Installation @ Menara IMC III

Today was the final day for us but since we finished ours a day ahead of schedule, we still had to attend the hand-over meeting. And because the tables were not cleaned, we did not put the phones last night until this morning. I hated the way the cleaners cleaned the place because of so much dust, they did not refilled the buckets as often as they did. So, most of the surface either still had more dust or full of those dusty water stains.

Our PABX is complete
But the cleaners wiped it with a dirty cloth so the stains were all over it

They have the company logo up

And the cleaners cleaned........

.. anb cleaned.... (but they did not rinse the water so the tables were dusty again)

Finally the carpets were reavealed

And were vacuumed cleaned

Because earlier on, it was full of sharp debris left by other contractors while we're still barefoot

Finally, its ready for occupation on Monday

I love this Lightbox table