The Day After (or itching to go to Penang)

After struggling to sleep for just two hours, my body was itching again. But I fought to keep things under control. However, less than an hour into the journey, my legs were itching so bad, it was hard not to ignore. I pulled by the roadside and got my technician to drive instead.

This picture is slightly enhanced to show the redness of
legs. And I was using socks and tied my boots
tightly too. I do this on a normal day but even with

a loose boot, the socks aggravated them further

And so, sitting behind the van, I was surprised at the
amount of dust flying inside since we all opened the
windows. Until I realised the dust were skin flakes
from my feet as I was scratching them uncontrollably.
Luckily, my techs were not awarewhat was happening.

At the back of the van, I found this spray gun. It was
a "discarded" tool when I asked about it. Something
THE OTHER FELLA would do when a tool was broken.
And so, I decided to adopt it. Heh.

What was broken was the nut holding
the hose. I assumed THE OTHER
FELLA tripped on the hose which
yanked the whole thing apart.
And you can't just buy that
nut as you need to buy them as
a set. Economy not good mah.

My whole body was hot and after
four hours in the van, it was time
to cool off. Strange that it tasted
like normal water. Minutes later,
I felt my body cooling off. Wow.

Sometimes, I just wonder who wrote these stuff.

And so, they have added the third lane to the bridge

By the time we arrived, it was already near
to lunch hour and so, we went to the only
place we loved most; that roadside stall.

Love the fish, tempei, begedel and chicken curry sauce.
You want to know why we always go to this place? The
three plates of rice and four drinks add up to RM12.00
and we could eat as much rice as we wanted if we wanted.

After adding some cards and also
pulling some cables, the job was
done and none too soon. I really
need to go home and see the Doc.

Since we finished too early, Loctor was not free
to rendezvous with me. And this project was
over too late as well although I finished it
weeks ago. Sigh. Sometimes, I wished I had
more time to juggle between work, family,
projects and friends.

Back home, I was stunned to see these "scratch" marks
on my body. And I did not even scratch them. Must be
from the sweat and the stuffy uniform.

Still there is one more task to do. My SIL called saying their computer is out again and from her voice, I gauged it must have been a very bad one. So, after visiting the Doctor, I dropped by her place to sort things out. Turned out that the whole computer was destroyed and so were their wireless router. No choice but to reconfigure the Terrorkom Modem directly to their remaining Laptop. After discussion with them, I feel like like going to PJ's Digital Mall or Low Yatt come this Saturday but, nah. Won't have the time. Unless SIL wants me to go with them.

Doc: So, what is wrong with you?
Me: Allergic reaction. I'm itchy all over.
Doc: Aha. Must be from the environement? You know, new clothes, dusts in the carpets....
Me: Nope. My clothes are more than three years old and we banned a lot of carpets.
Doc: Then it must be the weather, those particles in the air and so on.
Me: Maybe, Doc but I was in Penang, over the sea.
Doc: Aha! Its the food you ate.
Me: Can't be, I was having oatmeal last morning and it did not happen so late in the evening. I know my metabolism is slow but not that slow. Maybe its the two different vadaai I ate.......
Doc: Aha! There you go. Still, you're itchy now?
Me: Yeah. The whole skin went like melted cheese.
Doc: OK, I am going to give you this, this, these, etc.
Me: Can you also give me MC?
Doc: Sure, no problem, for tomorrow?
Me: Yeah, and how about the day after? Don't feel like working with all these itchiness.
Doc: Sure, sure no problem. Bye
Me: Bye. Weird, man. I usually come here for Gout but this is my first time for allergy.
Doc: Ha ha ha! Bye.

After waiting at the counter for a bit, only then did I notice most of their doors have electronic locks. Then again, in this area, there are some cases. Few years ago, this clinic has reduced its consultation hours from 24 hours to just a few hours in the evening.

Nurse: Here's your stuff. You working? (She looked very serious)
Me: Yeah, unfortunately. I wanted to be unemployed and stay home to play Playstation but my Wife won't allow it. (The nurse behind giggled)
Nurse: You want two days MC. One for today and one for tomorrow?
Me: No, no. I want one for tomorrow and the day after.
Nurse: That will be RM80.00
Me: Here you go. If I come back after the MC, do I get a discount?
Nurse: No.
Me: How about if I come for H1N1 test?
Nurse: No.
Me: You have H1N1 testing here?
Nurse: No.