Christmas Cleaning

Merry Christmas, everli da body! Today, we're going to do something special! It has never been done before, especially in this household and so, its time to start! Want to know what it is?

Its not sleeping on the floor...

Yes, I am going to vandalise this portion of the gate with white paint!

For years, the walls were filled with culture couture and now, its time for a change. Now, unlike model kits, you cannot just dip it in soapy water and start painting or even prime the surface. No, sir. You need to prepare the surface manually.... with a wire-brush. The black stuff was the fungi and you need to get rid of them before you can paint the surface.

Almost more than an hour later, its done. And my hand hurts.

And I am litertally sweating and also, well, wet

Since I have never used a wire brush before, I scraped so hard until the fingernails were literally starting to come off at the edge.

And there were deep wire scratches the fingernails and some blood on the skins. My hands were shaking, in pain and had no more strength. But the worst is yet to come...

...which is, this part. Yes, the fungi was all over the place even in my nostrils. So, this means I cannot sit back and dig my nose in peace. Sigh.

Anyway, after some rest, it was time to go for lunch. We drove all the way to a restaurant in Puchong, in a corner lot behind somewhere near Tesco. I cannot remember much about this restaurant but everyone seems to be going for the Indian food there.

After that, it was time to have a look-see at the 2020 Furniture place.

There were some nice bargains because one of the company is moving back to their own factory in Sungai Buloh. The majority of the shops have been taken over by foreigners.

And so, there were only so much stuff we can see from this remaining company. Its not  that they're packing yet but this is the indication that most of their stocks have been sold. For the remaining shops, which offers almost the same furniture but at ridiculous prices, I know somewhere there was a catch.

While the shop assistant was away...

This is nice too but unfortunately, we do not have a TV nor wish to get one since a TV is not important to us.

Anyway, its time to continue with the painting. First thing is to prime the surface with the undercoat

OK, here we go... not bad. Painting is quite fun and since its water-based, its easy to wash off.

Two hours later, the first coat is done, except for the dustbin area. Its not easy to paint in the dim evening since everything was white. Hope to continue tomorrow.