Chinese New Year Eve

So, the trip to Mid-Valley was actually just a break from the hectic program for us. As soon as we came back, we had only less than 2 hours to get ready. Which is a feat considering there are other chores to do, such as fetching siblings from the train station, cleaning up, making sure the girls are wearing the right clothes, etc.

OK, one of the chores is done, a million more to go....

Finally, Chinese New Year Eve Dinner is about to start. We booked this restaurant somewhere in Kepong, which was just streets across from my old office.

Yes, Dinner is about to start. In the meantime, the girls are very happy because they have a newfound love with the iPhone.

Ah, Dinner is starting, Which is a new one to me because the soup's quite hot despite us waiting for more than an hour for it. And so, by the time it came, it was so delicious, we ate all the food served to us and wanted more. And today is also Opposite Day.

Four Seasons of I-dunno-what-you-call-it. I mean, this is fine if you're in some small town or kampung but man, we're sitting in a two-shoplot Restaurant.

Delicious looking Bowl of What-was-that?

Dead Prawns in a shallow clay pot

Mutated Fish

The I-think-its-chicken Dish


Yeah, they had a lot of fun. For the kids, its just food. For us its, "WTF! We burnt RM298 for these crap". Other tables did not fare better.

If I tell you whereabouts was this restaurant in Kepong, I would be spoiling it for you but here is a clue. Yeah, THOSE people are just a few feet away.

After dinner, its off to sleep... for tomorrow, its a Big Day!

Personally, I am not very happy about the Restaurant Booking. And its not about the money either. The reason we had to wait for more than an hour was because they were waiting for a few more families with the same package so that they can cook it all in one shot. Not only that, their staff were also running about here and there trying to obey the orders from a few disorganised Bosses. And the presentation for the food, well, to be honest, the small town and kampung folks can do better, actually.

I know its the Eve above all else and they're trying their best to fulfill orders, overcoming staff shortages and all. I really have to give them the benefit of the doubt but on that night, it was horrible. The only food that was delicious was actually, the onions in the fish, which, unfortunately, looked more like a mutated zombie.

In the aftermath, I think they're going to lament about the loss of profits, time, etc. Even though I do not know how to run a restaurant, common sense for that night would be to: get the families in, serve them, let them eat, collect their money and get them out of the door as soon as possible. Because, if you let a table be occupied for an hour doing nothing, you have actually lost a potential of one to two walk-in families, never-mind if you have a lot of bookings.

This was taken earlier and it was not that bad...

22012012 Trip to Mid Valley

OK, I'll admit it. We're on a last minute rush for the CNY stuff. There were quite some things to buy but because of my working schedule, it was not possible to do anything until today.

Not sure what they're trying to do with this deco and since in a rush, not going to care

Everything was going OK until we stopped in front of the Sushi King...

"We only have enough for this sushi, OK?"

"Once you finish that, you can order something else."

Its fun to see them try eating with chopsticks

Yeah, as I said, its fun. But I need to start training them properly.

Oh-oh. Better order something else quick, the way she is looking at those sushis, it might be expensive.

OK, some noodles for her and rest of the Bento sets for us.
Passed by the Food Court and it was literally shut down. 40 minutes ago, it was business as usual. Went to V-Hobby but they closed their shutters halfway. darn. Wanted to the the twin Element EX-6. Yeah, 40 minutes ago, they were still operating. Notices everywhere said shops will close at around 1600 but everyone closed hours to half hours earlier...

Just can't help playing with a few poses.
After that, we were just in time for the Drum exhibition. Which is very nice. I got the video but I am not sure if I want to upload it since its quite shaky.

The long Tunnel of Waiting Spouses.

Peek-a-boo at Jusco. The girls were in very high spirits despite everyone around us 'rushing'

The Bikes

Ask them not to monkey around with the bike and see what happens...

The Eve of CNY

Told them to stand watch at the altar and see what happens...
Not going to give them much Ang Pows...