Kaelynn's Big Day!

Today is Kaelynn's Birthday! Finally, she is a the age where I can now scold and spank her when she misbehaves! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh, OK. Maybe better not since she is very stubborn and always wants to have the last word in everything. Kaelynn is quite feisty now and can really start (and possibly win) a fight with her elder sister. She is also growing up to be rebellious to everyone except me. Oh-oh.

Maye just like me too.

Kaelynn now has her own Winnie the Pooh doll. And Krsitine
was so excited, she opened the bag. Kaelynn was wondering
what the fuss was all about but she was happy and excited
too on that day

Kaelynn blowing out her (already disfigured) Birthday Cake
which was too irresistible for her.

In less than two minutes, she was already attacking her
own cake. We had to make sure all the fruits stayed on
the cake and not on her dress.