Acceleracers are in!

OK, I've just been to the shop at Amcorp Mall and the HotWheels Acceleracers are in. But they cost Rm9.90 a pop, (Because of the Foil trading cards, I was told) instead of the usual RM4.90 for a normal HotWheels car.


Lift me Up!

Imagine you just entered the lift with a few other fellow passengers. Since you felt that standing near the door is safer, you now have the unwritten responsiblity of closing the doors in case everyone inside else felt that the Lift is taking its time, and its all your fault because you're sanding there. But all is not lost because you also have the enviable position to close those Lift doors on other passengers who are running like mad towards you.

Anyway, back to the story. So, now you have to close the doors.

You press the button. But the doors are still open.

You press again. Nothing happens.

Then, the doors started to move and you felt so relieved that you decided to press the button again, in the hopes that the doors would close even faster.

But the naughty doors opened again.

After what seemed like an eternity, (Ok, 8 seconds) you do feel that everyone inside the lift is staring intensely at you, as if you had just broken something or killed The Colonel (of KFC).

Bzzzzzzzrrrttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The buzzer sounded and in a panic, you ran out of the lift, standing outside the doors lokking in while the lift doors closed on you.

Yes, this happened at 1255 at one of the Amcorp Tower lifts.

After everyone had got off, I decided to look at the buttons. Apparently, the Lift Serviceman from Shindler has a wicked sense of humour because the CLOSE & OPEN buttons has been changed to look identical. While on the other side of the Lift, the CLOSE & OPEN buttons were swapped.

All this while, the poor girl was actually opening the Lift doors thinking she was closing it.The buzzer came on because the time limit for the Lift doors to open are up.

This was quite similar to an incident a few years ago, where a guy kept opening the lift doors many times, not realising that he was pressing the OPEN button all the time.