Trip to ICW 08042011

Today is Friday. And my plan for the evening was to have a nice farewell dinner for a nice colleague who will be resigning next week. And after that, I will drop by Infinite Creation Workshop to pick up some stuff for Bruce.

So, come evening time, I was stuck in the office doing a comparison chart and also, at the same time, replying some very urgent Life-and-Death e-mails. Then my Wife SMSed me that she was sick. And then the Atmospheric Subwoofer chimed in, followed by lots of H2O molecules.

By the time it was over, and feeling disheartened, I only had two choice; salvage what was left with my plans or go straight home. Its a very difficult decision because by now:

1. The Dinner would be halfway through and my appearance there would mean that they would have to order more and stay on in the restaurant. And if I run to Vee-Chai now, I would be soaking wet too.

2. The road to ICW is well, pretty jammed up at this time and the rain would not have improved things either.

3. Wife would be sleeping and this means no excitement tonight.

Then, somewhere in my mind, a thought came to me. Its a very devilish thought, something I would not have thought of before.

ICW is, (technically) on the way back to the house.

OK, so its a long way back to the house but what the heck. Because once that thought came and disappeared, the rain drizzled out. So, my mind was made. Besides, i was curious to see what else they have brought things back from Hong Kong. Heh.

By the time I arrive, I had the wonderful opportunity
witness the unboxing of a Hot Toys Iron Man 2.
No, I am NOT buying that. After
that, I observed
and listened to members advising and
doing their stuff.

Kirin and his 1.35 Gundam Hyaku-shiki head.

And I got this too. What I really wanted were the
cooks. And there were two of them as well. Given
the selling price, it was a bargain I could not miss.

And so, you get two sets of sprues; the field kitchen
the figures. You also have accessories like sacks
of potatoes, drinking cans and well, bread too.

Just look at them. Very beautiful and exact match
to my dream project.

He's smiling as well. Maybe I might have to change
their heads since a smiling cook in a kitchen means
a lot of things...

How to feed a tree

First, you feed the rat with extremely nutrient rich pellets. Once its full, you need to tenderize it. In this process, each crushed pellet would release a tenderising agent which helps accelerate the process. Once done, you plant the rat into the soil....

Warning: Due to some irregularity, certain batches of pellets have been irradiated with Strontium-90. Please contact 1-800-OMG to arrange for a product recall. You will be reimbursed with another two pack of rat pellets. However, if you notice the tree has changed positions every morning or some of your night-shift staff could not be found, even during pay day, please call 1-800-CARNIVOROUSTREES immediately and vacate the building in an orderly manner.

Stupid jerk in a Kelisa WLB 2110

I was waiting patiently for the car to move o ut of his parking spot, with my indicator on. This means, I am going to park in that soon to be vacant space. But before I could move, this Kenari came in and took my spot. because it was a small car, all it did was just slide into it. I moved forward so we can see eye to eye, or car window to car window, if you prefer, and indicated that it was my spot. And this blur fellow, in his white HONG LEONG collar T-Shirt, indicated back, "No, I am not moving out, I just parked here. No, no, no."

Rather than pick a fight or do something to his car, I just moved on and parked in my office instead. Later on, as I walked back to this place to do the errand, the car was still there and so, I took this photo.

Later on, I tore up the card given by a Hong Leong Agent because if this is how they behave, I am not interested in doing business with them. If they called me, I will give them a piece of my mind.

Yeah, I am getting old.