Where's the jam?

Sometimes when you are stuck at a traffic jam in the Highway, there is a sudden point where you pass it and then all of a sudden, everything is back to normal. I had this theory back then, and this is the best graphical illustration to show what my theory was all about. If only I had made it known it was my idea......... heh.

Avatar, finally

Finally, after weeks of planning, I got to see Avatar. Never mind if its from Uncle Ho. I was amazed, shocked, in awe with the movie. It was brilliant, almost perfect. That is, until Sigourner Weaver lit up a ciggie.

And it all went downhill from there. Try as I might, to enjoy it and fully immerse myself, I just cannot erase that image out of my mind. Its as if she just stepped out of 'Gorillas' and took a ciggie before going throwing herself into the flaming pit. A Goddamn ciggie.


Everything is wrong with this picture.

Ernest Cheong

I had the chance to visit an old friend of mine today. We met in the old BNI days, which was more than seven years ago. Actually, it was the first time I have seen him ever since Lydia has passed on years ago.

He is still as alert as ever and, sharp as a tack. But throughout the years, loneliness crept in. His children Stephen and Ester have gone on with their lives and so, its hard to come home to an empty house. So, he surprised everyone with a second wife.

Yeah, I nearly spewed my cup of coffee too. And my eyes popped out when she was a Filipino. Yeah, we all about the stereotypes and I myself witness one which screwed a company but since this is his life, and he has everything planned out, who am I to tell him otherwise. But he has it all sorted out, he says, through his series of tests, she got through them.

So, I just took it all in silently. For you see, its one thing to give advise and another thing to advise with opinions. I did what I always did when I listen, I shut up. I mean, he has already made up his mind and knows where things are heading. Although I have my reservations, I cannot, as a friend, tell him otherwise because of what I felt and/or think. He is already lonely and there is no one else to be with him. And it would not be fair for everyone to come back to just to be there for him. But I know he will be fine.

And so, I wished him all the best, advised him on how to troubleshoot an ADSL line and indirectly told him to call me if there is anything he needs help with.

And these are the for the girls, only thing
is, I have not given them yet, maybe this
weekend, I suppose, since when the right
moment presented itself, they're full.

Getting irradiated

For some unknown reasons, I have to take an X-Ray today. Earlier on, they took my piss and maybe because I did not give them a full sample, they wanted to take revenge on me. Yep, they want me, to stand in front of a plate and shoot me full of accelerated particles.

So, when I went into the room, there was this cute Malay girl, asking me,
"Encik.. you boleh faham Bahasa?"
"Oh, tidak. Saya tak tahu cakap Bahasa."
"Ok, OK. You.. can.. cak.. speak English?"
"Oh no. I cannot. Saya tak tahu cakap English."

Yeah, this stunned her for quite some time before she started to talk in Bahasa and told me to take off my clothes and stand in front of the plate. After that, only did she realise I can speak and understand Bahasa. Wow. I think I can successfully confuse people now.

What the.... my lungs are black! Help!
I swear to you, I don't smoke! Help!