Weird Dreams II

.... so, there were these two sisters, who seem to have bitter rivalry. One good, the other, ..... not so good. The good sister had a daughter who is deaf & dumb. Earlier on, these two sisters had some kind of dare, which the result was that the good sister got to meet Donald Trump at an autograph session and her daughter got a huge cheque from him. So, the bad sister, (who looked like Amanda from America's Tops Model, except she was a bit more plump and angry) was upset, which meant she lost the dare. After the show, she confronted her younger good sister and the next thing I know, the news headlines were:

"Donald Trump cancels cheque and reissues another"

Apparently, after the tiff, the older sister ran off with the cheque and before she can use it, it was cancelled and she was arrested. Meanwhile, the good sister's daughter used the cheque to some charity.

And I was watching this on TV while waiting for my sister who is supposed to join the whole family in a restaurant in the middle of nowhere (looked more like a rest-stop for truckers doing a de-forestation job). While I was about to go search for her, using my Dad's 240 Volvo (which the night before, I had problem racing with some 1980's Mercedes at 100kmh) my Dad called from the restaurant...........

And then I woke up. And I still can't find the message in the Dream