Trip to Mid-Valley

And so, today, after weeks of waiting, we finally get to do our shopping at Mid-Valley. I suspect we could have gotten there sooner. But I fell asleep. Then when I woke up, THEY fell asleep. Haih.

Yeah, I was so tired for the rest of the week as it was just work, work and work. The funny thing was, we only had enough time to have dinner and shop at Carrefour there. Being tired and with the aircon off at Carrefour did not dampen our spirits, which was quite weird.

The girls waiting while Mommy was getting ready.
Kristine's choice of music was a mix of funk jazz
and classics played by a playful monkey high on
sugar sitting on a small chair.....

Took some shots of these models.
But funnily enough, the girls were
not into them although the do like
the Barbie DVDs.

I particularly loved this dress though.

Clowing around in Carrefour

Back home, minutes before their bedtime. Kristine
with her new hairdband and I suspect, glasses as
well. Kaelynn was not interested although I think
Mommy got her a new hairband too.

While I was away at work.....

When I came back, Kristine told me some Auntie came by and gave her something...

Me: Which Auntie?
Kristine: The one we go to dinner when Kaelynn was fever
Me: Which one again?
Kristine: The one with glasses
Me: You mean Auntie XXXXX?
Kristine: Yeah, fat fat Auntie XXXXX?
Me: Oh, THAT fat fat Auntie, ah........

The photo was so beautiful, and I am trying to now
go on a quest to get that prime lens, whatever it
meant. I'm a sucker for these type of portraits.

And she was so happy with the postcard