Kristine's Moustache

Its one of those unexpected moments where Krisitne did something funny but cute. It was raining the whole day and therefore, quite cold. Kristine coughed a bit but for the first time, she actually wanted a bath! So, we gave her one but with a warmer temperature. Kristine was so impatient that she crawled into the bathroom while I was getting the water ready. After her bath, (she did not cry during shampoo nor try to climb out), I made some bubbles for her and also, this is also the time where she tries to drink the bath water. See what happened next...............

Tonight is a little cold but I want my bath!

Hmmm! The water is a little hot

But its comfortable!

After the bath, Daddy made some bubbles

Are the bubbles good? I am going to test it now....

How is that?

Nice goatee, hor?

Hee hee he he he!