Dinner at PJ Seafood

Just for tonight, since Wife and Kristine have a longing for seafood, we decided to go to PJ Seafood for dinner. Knowing that tonight is the even of Labour Day, I took a few choice routes to minimise being stuck in a traffic jam as I rushed home to get my parents for the dinner too. Everything was fine until we started to head to PJ Seafood.

The Goddamn road was jammed up. All it took was just fifteen minutes and it gets clogged up. Still, in less than an hour later, we had our dinner.

Nice hor? 1Kg of Sweet and *something* and another
Kg of cheese crabs. It was wonderful. And so was
the wonderful price of RM107.80 for six pax.

So bloody wonderful that I had diarrhea six times until three in the fucking morning!

Hanging around at Cineleisure

After the trip to Toyota, I could not hang around there as there was too much noise and so, I decided to go to CineLeisure instead. Although its about a quarter to Ten, it seemed as if I have entered into another land. All the shops were still closed and once in a while, you'll spot someone walking about. Reminds me as if the whole area has been quarantined or this was going to be another deserted mall. The reason I wanted to go there was because Richard from The Outpost called me the day before telling me that the new Tricorder and Phaser toys from the latest Star Trek movie was in and I have to be there to collect my free Tricorder.

There was a history behind it but lets just say, Richard is Gentleman enough to settle things amicably. But one day, I will do another one. Just not now as the girls's growing up phases are really getting a lot of my attention.

And so, at 0945, this was one of the few lonely
salesperson fully awake. The rest were tending
to their food stalls, and or hiding in the
shadows with their future mates.

The after effects of eating too much ice-cream in one go

I observed for hours about these crowds. They're there
for something which, I believe, is for something other
than the new Star Trek toys.

Yeah, ok. They were there for this reason.

By elevenish, The Outpost is open. Seems like years
since I last stepped foot. But with the new changes,
this is like the new Star Trek movie; The Outpost
is still the Outpost but its just a bit different.

On the left would be the latest merhcandise which
you can purchase and no, you do not have to buy
them in a set either. From Star Wars to Star Trek
to NERFS to Gundam, its all there.

The front counter is hidden now, and there are more stuffs
for you to look at and also buy them is you like to take it
home with you.

With the new hospital curtai.....er, partitioning systems,
The Outpost can now have up to four separate private
functions which you can book. But do check-in
your phasers and blasters at the entrance. And
no, Orion Slave Girls are not allowed. This is a
reputable place.

Here is one of the private rooms. Note the Apple Mac
is not for guests.

And finally, its mine! Mine! All mine!


Excuse me

The Kiss

Wife: Darling, it just happened.....
Me: What? What happened?
Wife: I just kissed...
Me: You what?
Wife: It just happened and I did not think...
Me: Aiyoh! When you feel nothing is "right" you don't just do it la
Wife: Easy for you to say.
Me: OK, so how was it?
Wife: You better come home and look lor......
Me: cannot tell me now, ah?
Wife: Come home and look or else!
Me: OK, Ok.

Right into the post. You can see the bump, where I assume
would be some brackets. And the reverse sensor's a bit off
too. Whatever it is, I am going ahead with the reverse cam
project sooner than planned, even if it means sacrificing
some of my money in the process.

And I took leave to go to Toyota where the lady said to come
back on Monday to start work since tomorrow is a Public
Holiday. So, I called back to the office and my Boss don't
even "want" me around..... "You took the leave, you go on leave!"

Updating the Nokia 6300

I think this is the second time that Kristine locked Mommy's phone. And I had to go to Celcom to get a replacement SIM card. They told me I could go to any Blue Cube outlet as well but since I was nearby Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, I decided to pop in. The new SIM replacement costs me Rm5.00 but the girl was kind enough to let it go into my next bill so I do not have to use the cash. But I was warned that this SIM is now 3G capable and if Kristine uses it to surf the Internet (or by accident) I would have to pay for the charges. Oh well.......

Getting the card was embarassing for me as I kept
the PUK (pee-you-kay) as PUKI
(poo-key), which is a *ahem* bad
word for female
genitalia. But the girl was understanding and she

discreetly corrected me a few times.

Since I am on a roll here, I decided to back up her
data and also upgrade the firmware. Once it switch
on, the BM language came on and I had to revert
back to English.

Oho! There is new firmware! It took me more than
two hours to download the driver to recognise the
Nokia 6300, the software to synchronise it and the
firmware itself. If I had know, I would have done it
the next night. However, I do not feel any difference
after the update. Oh wel........ time to sleepzzzzzzzzzz

Precise Destruction.

Never ever underestimate the awesome destructive power of
the girls. My Boss had one MP3 player exactly like this. It
broke apart while he was opening it to repair one of the
buttons. But the girls took it apart in such a way that I
could snap them back again. OK, luckily I found them
in the early stages of destruction, so the MP3 player
is saved. Or else i would have to get another one.

Home alone again

OK, this morning, my Wife and the kids have gone to her Sister's to look at some baby. And just when I woke up, my parents and everyone else rushed out to eat some Beef Noodles, leaving me alone in the house. And yea, this is another good opportunity to....

...fall back asleep again.

Actually, no ler. Its another opportunity to make lunch. This time, I call this, "The One-day old Rojak instant noodle". My Mom bought the rojak for me the day before but because I was rushing to Mid-Valley, it was kept on the table for hours before going into the fridge. And so, as expected, the rojak was beginning to go bad, due to the cucumbers. Not letting it go to waste, even when the crunchy bits have gone soggy, I mixed it into the boiling pot of instant noodles. Not only will this kill the germs (hopefully) but I still get to eat it. Ha ha ha ha

Yeah, it looks weird, like something you'd have done
with leftovers. And yes, this time I have no diarrhea.

Just as soon as I finished the noodles, my Wife came back
and she bought sone Bak Kut Teh. Oh, the meat was so
soft and good too. It was a bit pinkish inside but then, the
soup was excellent. Going to have it for dinner.

And she also bought some Assam Fish, which I thought
was a bit too assam-ish

Shiny pink fingernails

What is this girl doing there?
Holding her hands up in the air?

Why, she has her fingernails painted!
And I almost fainted!

And on the next day, I saw
She did it again and more!

Well, OK. She had been a nice girl and as promised, Mommy bought her a bottle of those shiny metallic nail polish. She wanted it ever since one of her classmates showed it to her last year. But the funny thing is, she would only wear it around the house and nowhere else, as she was a bit shy about that. or maybe even embarrassed. Just the very next day, they went visiting to Big Big Sis in Law's house and moments before, she wiped them away. Once they returned, she painted them again. Don't ask me why, I'm just a guy and a Father.

The Wireless Dogtag

Finally, after more than two weeks, it arrived. I wanted a wireless bluetooth headset for my Nokia 5800 but with the condition that it can accept 3.5 inch stereo headphones. No more those hanging by the ears for the moment. And so, this verily cancels out a lot of headsets. I went to the Sony Ericsson shop and was amazed at their bluetooth devices, nevermind if they costs RM300 or so. But the letdown was that the stereo earphones are not detachable. The same can be said for those new Nano or somethinglike that. And so, I went back to eBay.

And I got this. A Jabra BT3030 Dogtag Bluetooth Headset. And for RM58.00 or so, I got it delivered to my desk! Originally, it would costs about RM300 or more. Too good to be true isn't it?

Yeah, OK. with eBay, you can get them at almost any price. But there is a real story in this. This model is called X2N-88 and not BT-3030. By now, you would know that this is a Chinese copy. But not knowing the history behind it, I can hazard a guess that it was OEM'ed out. I am not sure of the specs either but the real McCoy promises 230 hours standby and 7 hours of music. But then again, I have to take this with a grain of salt, though. So far, I di dnot have much problems with it and it quickly pairs with the Nokia 5800 without any problem, except when it hangs.

Anyway, hereare my observations, I am not going to review it much since I am not so "excited" about my Nokia 5800 anymore, no thanks to it always hanging:

1) When you have paired, whatever sounds from the phone, such as button taps and other programs, would be played in from the Dogtag instead from the phone's speakers. Except when the phone rings, that is.

2) After switching between the supplied headphones and my own, the music quality sounds a bit muffled. So, I have to use the equaliser in the Music Player to adjust but its still muffled.

3) Voice reconition is shot. I loved this feature ever since I got my Sony Ericsson T630 years ago. Here, the 5800 does not recognise what is being spoken. Then again, I have not tested the 5800's voice tag thoroughly. Maybe there is a feature to recognise a pre-recorded name just like the T630 but I doubt it.

4) Voice quality from the other side is subjective since those who answered my calls had mixed results, ranging from noisy to "OK" to "WTF are you saying?"

5) Its a DogTag. Woof woof woof woofie woof.

Clockwise from top left, a stereo headphone, single headpone,
the DogTag, USB charger cable and the mains charger. Oh,the
grey leaflet is the brief user guide. And I mean, brief.

The design reminds you as if it came from Motorola,
especially from their famous RAZR phones. Here, I
think its just laser cut metal stuck to a layer of silicon
See the buttons bumping out? It looks splashproof
but I am not going to test it anytime soon.

This is their headphone. If you do not have your
own, you'd have to use it until you find a better
one. Although the keypad has blue LEDs the
"X" symbol at the bottom has a hidden red LED
which is to indicate chargin status and also of
the Headset.

Mid Valley

I was rushing today. And its going to be a very tiring day for me, I can tell. After being stuck at a traffic jam in Shah Alam (the stretch after trh traffic lights from Section 26 Proton towards the F&N factory) where the four lane road closed into two and the stupid kancil and Lorry decided to have an accident at the bottleneck, leaving only one lane for everyone. Had I known this would happen, I would have taken the other route. But then again, I missed the first exit......

Anyway, the plan for today is very simple. After finishing with the customer in Shah Alam, I would hurry back home, leave my stuff there, get my Dad to drive me over to Mid-Valley, and then when my Wife finished work, she can pick me up from there. But when I came home, my parents were out and my brother had cooked slightly burnt instant noodles (from what Kristine told me) for the girls as their lunch. Feeling pissed off, I got them to take bath, changed clothes and prepare to drive them to Mid-Valley myself. But luckily, they came back in time. After taking back my Nokia 5800, off we went to Mid-Valley.

There is a reason why I was needed there and it was because of a customer there who wanted to change the seating arrangements of his office. And so, after settling everything, the three of us were free to roam about Mid-Valley until Mommy was free to join us. The first thing was to make sure the girls were full and the closest was to get them some food, any food. I cannot chance going to MacDonalds (due to the queue and "booking" of tables) or some other place (which they would not eat the food ordered). But the main thing was because I did not have enough cash with me. Yeah, last month's salary is still not in and I was only paid enough to settle some of the bills. Still, the kids have to eat.

The customer wanted to rearrange the tables in the office
and so, my guys were there to redo the cables after the
contractors have hacked the floor. Seeing the job is under
control, I took Kristine and Kaelynn to Mid-Valley

With more than two hours to kill, we went to the Toy rounds,
where the first stop is Jaya Jusco. Here, I introduced Krsitine
the wonders of 3D slide, and after she was amazed by it, she
let Kaelynn have a go with the Viewmaster. Unfortunately,
at RM30 it is a bit expensive and moreover, I do not see any
view master slides for sale. Maybe I can buy it later and get
the slides from eBay. I would like to make those slides myself
(Yes, you can do it yourself but the equipment cost is a few K's).
I wonder if Zybisko14 would be interested in this hobby

Then we went to the arcade side of the Department where I
made sure the girls have something better to eat than the
instant noodles. Here, Kaelynn is enjoying her ice-cream
while Kristine is devouring her mini kaya buns.

At Toys R Us, the action figures for the new Wolverine
Movie are already up for sale. The are smaller than
those previously on sale but very detailed. You could
say, they are the more detailed than GI Joes. However,
for RM39.90, they think then can command Star Wars
price, meh? Crazy Marvel fools!

Lo and Behold! All the NERFs you ever wanted! Unfortunately,
I have no money and so, I have to pass by this aisle in depair.
Even if my salary for last month is in (which is still not),
I cannot justify such purchase.

Oh, and the new ammos for the Vulcan NERF is in too,
along with the two new scopes for most NERF guns.

This is a change. Usually you can see Dads sitting here but
today, its just Moms. Oh, I bought some F&N Grape which
Kaelynn comes, takes a sip and goes back to the play area.

Yeah, I let them play for more than half an hour there, not
only to pass the time but also, for me to sit down and rest
for a while too. I was on my feet since morning.

If you think owning a house is Child's play, wait till you
are all grown up!

When Mommy finished her work, she came and joined us.
Some funny fashion scene at the Middle Court. Since I did
not have my Nikon D50, I just took this picture. Not that
I am interested but shooting from top floor, even with a
zoom lens, is just a waste of time.

For dinner, we went to the usual food court since eating
at other places are now very expensive to us. This time,
I wanted to try something different instead of the usual
Teppanyaki. So, I decided on the Mushroom Noodles,
which as usual, tasted like shit and so emotionless.

On the other hand, Mom got the girls some pasta, which
is quite good. And as usual, the girls would fight over
for some thing new, which is the la-la in there.

Kaelynn ate them as if they were oysters. She really
loved those la-la.

Then, for something extra, we got this fried thingy,
which Kristine tried until the chilis kicked in.

Yeah, and the girls whacked the prawns.

After dinner, it was for some fresh fruits. I was outside
when I spotted these new healthy dried foods.

For RM17.90, its a bit pricey for a small
bottle of natural & organic junk food.
Why did I say that?

Well, at first I did not believe
it but there it is!

The label says it all, apart from the veges,
they have french fries....


I am not sure if you have watched the anime "Evangelion". There is a part where the teenage boy, Shinji has feelings for Rei, a clone. If I can remember correctly, Rei is also showing feeling for Shinji until in one episode, she died. And then, another clone was brought out to replace her. To Shinji, Rei was there but she is now different just as the new clone told him that alrhough they are the same, she has no feelings for him. (I am not going describe the same situation with the new Battlestar Galactiga angle as I have not even watched them yet)

And so, my Nokia 5800 is back. And has been wiped clean of its memories. Now I know how Shinji felt, despite him being just a 2D animation character. Imagine one day, your Wife woke up and became a stranger...........

I did not realise this until I wanted to make a call to my Wife when I was in Mid-Valley. Since I am using my company's SIM card, my Wife's number is not stored in there (Oh, yes, you poor poor men, this is another of those details you must remember, apart from the Registration Anniversary, Wedding Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, etc. Because you all know what would happen if you don't. Heh)

A closer look at the phone. Although version
V21 is out, they did not update it for me and
I cannot get it from my Nokia Updater.

Yeah, whay I suspect was true. They just did
a clean reset, where everything has been

How else can my phone be "solved" within 3 days?

[Update: The bloody thing still hangs, even when I di dnot install anything on it. Would updating it to V21 helps? Would I dare to take it to them again? Are Werewolves vegetarians?]

The scar

Nice and pinkish at the moment. In a few days, it will turn
dark and hard. then it will be stinging for a while before it
start to shrink and pull the skin. When its dry, it'll flake off

Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. But imagine if someone suffered burns on their body.....

Biscuits from Ipoh

While we were in Ipoh, I spotted this shop selling foodstuff which we took a wrong turning. And so, after our customer's problem has been solved, we decided to visit this store and hoped it would still be open. OK, because Boss wanted me to buy some stuff to eat for the office, apart from the chocolates from Langkawi which was going fast.

These heang pneah is a bit different in the sense that
they came in a few different flavours other than the
normal one. The flavours are, Coffee, Nyonya Sambal,
Sotong Sambal and Pandan.

WTF! For Rm9.50, this is a bit expensive! But then
again, this could be the going rate for all. Then again,
I seldom by these as they're either given to me or,
already on the table for eating. Ha ha ha ha!

The three flavours; Pandan and thte two sambals.
Wife said the sotong sambal was not that good. Then
again, I could not tell the difference. And I doubt these
would go fast since its not Halal.......

Soon Ann Biscuits and Confectionery Sdn Bhd
No. 19, 21, 23, 25, Laluan Tasek Perdana
Medan Tasek Perdana,
30100 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-5459710, 05-5496927