Christmas came early

There we were, all three of us, sitting for lunch. Well, its not easy to schedule this appointment without much sacrifice and all, but yep, there we were. All three of us. We were discussing as usual, which is Model Kit and Sci-Fi related, if you must know, when suddenly, The Man who owns a Cat Hotel gave the two of us a wrapped box.

Suffice to say, we were caught unaware and were speechless since we did not expect anything. I mean, I am used to spring these surprises but its quite rare that friends did the same back for me. (Hint. Hint.) But yeah, its THE gift we were waiting for. To cut a private and long story short, we got it.

The Captain at first, tried to be civil in opening
it but at the behest of the cat Hotel Man, he
tore it apart. And wow....... what an afternoon!

You want to know what it is? Do you?
Huh? Huh? Do you ?

OK, let's start. And so, there I was, with my yellow
knife, I carefully separated the cellophane tapes
from the paper.........

And then I did the.... what? too slow for you, is it?
To tell you the truth, I am not sure why
I always
open wrappings carefully because I
they're going to be torn up at later time
and they can never be found when you
to recycle them anyway.

And finally, the present is revealed at last!

Its an upside-down BS-75 aka The Battlestar Galatica,
one of the hottest model kit since the Polar Lights 1/350
Enterprise. The longest it ever stayed on a shelf was
5 minutes. It is hard to get and you won't get any until
after Christmas.

The cat Hotel Man was right; The box is the same size
as the Viper MKII and also, shorter. Both of us were
very happy last year when it was announce, thinking
thay since the box was this big, the model should be
about 22 inches or so.

But it was not to be. It was based off a resin kit which
was done by one of his friends. Anyway, this is a very
simple kit which a beginner can assemble without any
problems, using just glue and paints. Unfortunately,
I do not have glue & paints...

The Cat hotel Man's move really caught me by
surprise but luckily, I do have an ace up my
sleeve because I had bought a plastic tweezer
and a spool of thin copper wire for him. It was
something to help him with his static problem.
Monetarily, the price I paid was so insignificant.
(Maybe I should have bought 100 of them......)

And no, I did not really buy this kit, if you're asking. Its a gift. Yes, its a gift and if you don't believe me, I have two witnesses; the man who runs in a Hotel and another who owns a Cat Hotel. Erm, then again, just take my word for it.