I am on MC today.....

Wife forced me to see the Doctor last night and because of that, not only did I get bag loads of medication, I was hit with an MC too. This means,I cannot go to work today and I know my team has a lot of their hands. Haiya.

Doc: Well, what is the problem?
Me: I got diarrhea since Sunday.
Doc: You had diarrhea for four days?
Me: And slight fever too
Doc: Anything else?
Me: Must be the kedondongs with assam powder or the half-boiled eggs at the Hotel
Doc: What colour is your discharge?
Me: Er, very yellow ones lor
Doc: Does it smell?
Me: Yes.
Doc: Ok, seems like you have food poisoning.
Me: Sure or not? Usually I would have fainted
Doc: Its a mild one. How many times you discharged today?
Me: About seven and my stomach's bloated as well
Doc: Its the bugs inside that produces gas inside your stomach
Me: Sure or not? How come I did not burp or fart?
Doc: (sigh) I'll give you some medication and you must drink lots of liquid, esp 100 Plus
Me: how about yoghurt milk? (Because I drank 1 litre before coming)
Doc: No, it will make it worse. We need to starve the bugs. You drink tea?
Me: No, I can't sleep at night.
Doc: (sigh) How about Chinese tea? Tea will help.
Me: OK.

Lots of pills, lots of salt and I get to
drink iced 100 plus all day!

Later on. my Wife suspected its the kedondong with the assam as she remembered I woke up with a fever and had all these problems right before I started on the eggs.