Things you can never do with a car

Just saw this interesting scene of a power shovel entering a trailer for some other site job. I was in Jalan Chan Sow Lin in Kuala Lumpur where there are a lot of these heavy machineries and engineering shops.

First he entered the trailer by reverse while using the scoop as reinforcement

Then he uses the caterpillar tracks to align with the trailer

Finally, he swings the scoop to the rear of the trailer. All done!

What happened to my Weekend?

I could not remember much from the past two days except that today is Monday. All I could ever remember was locking myself in the room, completing some documentation. And dinner, yeah, dinner. I am in such blur.

We went to this Korean BBQ place in Plaza Pantai. This was quite nice except:
1) The Japanese Appitiser (yes) section made me lost my appetite because most of the stuff were Korean, I think
2) You need to be an Arm Wrestler to scoop up those ice creams
3) Have your dinner before 8PM because I think that's when the central air-con switcheds off
4) Try not to bring the baby pram unless you feel like starting a fight
5) Free-flow drinks are not free
6) Dress up like old folks because Senior Citizens get 25% off

As for the food, I am not sure because throughout the night, I was playing with Kristine. I think I ate something nice there, though. Oh, it was those carrot/cucumber acar mix.

I wonder how they would tow this away