Scum of the Earth

When one goes to a Shopping complex, their main object is to either purhase an item/s or just to have a looksee on the latest products. So, its going to be an enjoyable evening because I have not been to 1-Utama for ages. As my appointment was at 8PM, I had about two hours to spare. So, I decided to have a nice stroll to all my favourite shops (except ToyCity where their sales staff always follow you around as if you're a thief).

As the appointed time was near, I began to search for my friends via SMS (its cheap, ok?) and I happened to pass by some booth promoting credit cards. Knowing the potential trap, I decided to walk fast to avoid those, promoters.

But I was not fast enough and sure as heck, one worked itself loose from the group and pounced on me.

Him: Excuse me, would you a credit card?
Me: No, thanks (and I waved him off)
Him: Do you have a credit card? (He tried to match my speed)
Me: I already have one. Thank you (Walking faster)
Him: You do which one do you have? (He also tried walking faster)
Me: Its Citibank, ok (I am starting to get annoyed)
Him: Well, this has a lifetime bla.. bla.. bla..
Me: Please, la (Me black faced already)
Him: Bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..

Then I stopped suddenly, turned about, faced him and shouted in his face;


It was so loud that everyone turned around and looked at us. The promoter was shocked and the only thing he could utter was a dismal, "what". He had this look of disbelief, you know, the kind of look where your Mother in Law/Grandmother/Boss/cat/dog caught you naked coming out of the shower. Then I walked off, as if nothing happened while everyone looked at him. (I think I heard someone clapping in the distance but I was not sure)

One thing that came out from this was, (although I had a slight sore throat after this) the great and wonderful feeling of some heavy burden suddenly being lifted away. And for the rest of the night, I slept peacefully too.

Toycity Carelessness

Look, I know you have a lot of branches in many shopping complexes.
I also know you have a lot of staff who likes to follow people around the store
I also know that if you put plastic in front of a hot spotlight almost 12 hours a day is stupid

How am I going to be your customer if you don't even know how to take care of your products?
And tell your staff to stop playing with those remote control cars when they are bored

Warped windscreen and melted tires

The Michelin Man

It is not easy to attract girls if you have the wrong kind of rubber on