New Education Toy

Wife really had to make me sit down before telling me the news. Yeah, she spent a few Million Ringgit in getting some new education stuff for the girls. I could be jumping, shouting and cursing for spending so much money. But then, I respect her as a teacher who knows what is best for the girls. And so, I just sat there, secretly feeling happy and proud that we're doing this for the girls's future.

The kit comes in several boxes and we will open them a bit at a time because there is a lot of material for the girls to learn. And I am amazed how Kaelynn could pick up so quickly too. She knows the basic stuff and we just have to lay the rules. All in all, I am happy that the money spent is worth every sen.

Still, money can be earned back but not opportunities lost.

Kaelynn stopping Kristine's brain from thinking
too much.

This is the first material we used and she is good at it.
We just have to get her to learn and remember them.

For Kristine, she is used to it and does them very fast.
She is a fast learner but I hope she does not get bored.

Once the tiles are assembled correctly, you just turn
them over. And here, Kristine is showing that she
has gotten all the answers right.

The trip up North ..... Sitiawan

This is one trip which I was not really looking forward to. The main reason was, there is a full day between this trip and the trip to Penang. Try as we might, we could not get both customers to stick to "the" schedule, which is for me to go to Sitiawan first, and then spend the night in Penang before doing that job. This would not only save time but more importantly, money and resources. Yes, I was needed at two sites which I could not tear myself away from.

Added to the problem, my Notebook has been sent for repair due to a few failures rangin from cooling fan to USB ports to logic board and also, the LCD screen bezel. Because of this, my Senior tech could not help since I had to take the only Laptop in the company with me.

This is the system we loaned while theirs was
taken away from repair.

And in just 30 minutes, I swapped back the system
and got it running. It could be sooner if not for all the
Tom, Dick and Harry asking me when they can use
the phones.

Since I am early, I had to wait for the Earthing expert
who is also my friend. The reason for his being here is
to find out why the phone system failed. And after a
few minutes of detective work, we discovered what
we would suspect, bad workmanship. Here, the Earth
cable is not going where its supposed to be. And after
waiting for the contractor to arrived, things were not
that friendly anymore.

One thing led to another and this is one of the points where
the Earth cable is supposed to pass through but it seems to
be "missing".

And why is there not Earth cable here? Oh, Mr.Contractor
said this is for the building's Earth. And so, where is the one
for the phones?

Er, um, ah...... yes! Mr. Contractor suspect someone else
have tarred over the Earthing point meant for the phones.
You know, the whole experience can be summed up as
seeing a deer caught in your car's headlights and with
nowhere to run. Then again, in this case, its illegal to
shoot that deer.

And I am not having any of this. So we quickly wrapped
up and let the customer deal with the CONtractor. My
other agenda is to go back to Teluk Intan for my Chee
Cheong Fun. Once they're ready, one look at the sky...

Its amazing how beautiful the clouds look at this moment.
Maybe its the circular polariser which is stuck to the lens
as it could not take it off now......

This was the last shot seconds before all the cats and
dogs fell.

On the way to Sitiawan.....

It was boring to drive up all the way to Sitiawan today. And its a very bright and hot day too. But this time, I came prepared because I wanted to take some photos of the padi fields on the road to Sitiawan.

Along the way, I saw this cloud which looked
as if I am driving down this road onwards to
the land in the sky.

The vastness of a vast vast.

OK, unfortunately, the water
was not very clear today.

The case of The Bulging Batteries

Our customer called us today and told us to come over to have a look at their UPS system which was bolted on their computer server rack. From the front panel, it seems like there is some problem with the backup batteries. Tried as I might, I could not get the battery drawer to open and so, I had to lug it back to the company with me.

And it is very heavy. Only when I arrived back at the office, I discovered that the system housed two sets of batteries and a big power transformer.

And this is the reason why I could not get the
drawer opened. The batteries were so badly
warped that it we eventually had to bend the
metal bars to get it out. We could not unscrew
anything as they were all riveted together.

And the batteries were worryingly hot.
Its like carrying a time-bomb in the car