Nowadays, it is normal to see enterprising people putting up their mobile numbers to advertise their services. More commonly so, are those who are in the business of repairing punctured motorcycle tires. For you see, a motorcyclist does not carry any spare tubes or tires since they have no space in there. Nor would they carry any emergency repair kit as this would usually mean installing a carrier box at the back of the bike. I am assuming the box is not popular because it makes the bike looks a bit weird.

With the advertisements plastered/sprayed almost everywhere, especially at Petrol Stations, you could see that it is a very competitive business. I took a picture next to the pump and there were three numbers. The first two were crossed out and with the words "Changed Number" added to it. I was thinking, maybe these two were his competitors, so he crossed them out and put his number next to them, since it would be quite sometime before his competitors came back to "update" their territories. Ha ha ha ha

Did he really change his number?