The Colour Purple

First and foremost, this conversation is not true and did not take place. But for many others, the beginning and the end of the story is the same, OK?

Police: Good Morning, sir.
Driver: Er, Good Morning, Tuan
Police: Did you know you were speeding?
Driver: No, Tuan. I was not speeding.
Police: My colleagues told me you were doing a 90
Driver: Please, Tuan. My speed was 75
Police: Really? How can I believe you?
Driver: Really, Tuan. I was not speeding
Police: Please take out your Driver's License
Driver: Here you are, Tuan.
Police: Well, I have no choice but to issue you a saman
Driver: ...........
Police: Well?
Driver: Pl.. Please, Tuan, can you help me?
Police: Ah, so, how do you want to settle this?
Driver: Some purple paper?
Police: Hmmm.... Very Well, I will now pass you back your License and you know what to do
Driver: Here you go.

Police: @#$%! Are you trying to be funny?

Police: This is a very serious offense and I can charge you for other offenses!
Driver: You want purple ma
Police: Not this type of Purple! The other purple! This is your last chance!
Driver: OK, OK, here you go

Police: Ah, Thank you, Tuan, and have a nice day.
Police: Please wait and then drive off slowly