The trip up North . . . Penang

We had to go up to Penang today to add two Digital phones and lay some cables. Originally, it was supposed to be a two-day trip, with us arriving in Penang yesterday (Monday). But because I felt that staying for the night would be a waste of resources, we decided to drive up to Penang at 0600 and finish or job on the same day.

Yeah, bright idea.

I was so tired the day before, driving up was really more of trying to keep myself awake on the roads. The same can be said for going back down again. And just my luck that my other technician was not talkative enough to keep me awake. I mean, a syllable or tow is just not enough. Still, we got the job done and by the time I reached home, it was past midnight.

What the .... Its midday and there is a huge trafic jam all the way
to Penang Island! Not only that, I had to pay RM12 instead of RM7
because we're driving a van instead of a car. If its a lorry, its RM25

We installed the system less than two years and its already
showing signs of environment damage. It was the same
reason we chnaged the system for them in the first
place. I think this year, I need to enforce them to
build the area into an air-conditioned room