Working In Seremban II

Well, I've been to Seremban almost everyday from more than a week now. And to tell you the truth, its getting a bit tiring. And boring. However, we're glad that the work is almost done and its only a matter of time before the customer agrees to our second proposal, which is to replace more of their old cameras.

The reason being so is that most of their camera points either have no cameras, have faulty cameras or dead cameras. And unfortunately, the choice of cameras (at that time) resulted in them being unserviceable. And I only managed to rejuvenate one out of every four. (This means two la). So, I hope they would agree to our proposal and also, add more hard disk space. As the place is a very busy place, the hard disk space ran out very fast despite our settings of record only when there is motion.

This is one of the cameras I have serviced. The problem lies
inside the lens and not the protective glass covers. So, after
much force, I got it open and cleaned it as best as I could and
voila! The image is crystal clear again!

And yes, it is true that the Digital Still/video cameras can see Infra-red

One of the staff digging a trench to
lay PVC conduits for the CCTV
signal cables to the Swimming Pool

And our "preferred"contractor laying
finishing their Earthing system for us.
Due to some bad ethics, I don't think
we will get them again, despite their
reputation. It left a very bad taste in
my Boss's (and my) opinion of him

Zybisko14's Wedding

And so, today marks The End of Zybisko14's Life as everyone knows it. He has now committed to devote his whole life to his Wife's every whims (or else). And although we (Loctor Mayat & Will Phua) have planned to car-pool, things did not go as planned as I was busy in a customer site in Seremban and Will was working. So, poor Loctor has no choice but to firmly get Zybisko14 to arrange for transport, which he happily agrees. (I am wondering the relatioship here, but it will be know soon). Not only that, he has booked a Hotel room for two nights for the three of us, much to the dismay of my Wife (You will Die when you come home soon, Dear - Wife). Although I have been working in Seremban for a week, this was the only time I did not go back. I mean, driving home at midnight is dangerous.

Choosing a soulmate for Life is not easy for some and unfortunalte for others. The journey for such quest could be as easy as taking candy from a slightly pissed-off Panda to climbing Mount Everest in your socks. But once you have chosen (or got caught) you must do the respectable thing which is to release the rest of your catch.

In every Weeding, I mean, Wedding, the most rememberable ones were the ones which I quickly forgot. But here, tonight, in Seremban, is a special night for them. For one, Zybisko and his four Heng-tais has survived the wrath of the 20 Chee-muis from Hell. And secondly, despite his colourful attempts of being a decent Gentleman, his Wife stuck to him thick and thin.

Sometimes, I wonder, is it really necessary to have these types of games
interrupting the marriage of two persons. Maybe its for the amusement
of the chee-muis (girls) in revenge for the Groom not choosing them. Or
Maybe its another way for (heng-tais)boys to break the ice with those
chee-muis. Or maybe, they're all doing it for the sake of doing it. But I am
sure, no one would have thought of the consequences when things went
wrong. A sincerely, Heartful "Sorry" won't even re-unite the couple back.
And its very easy to go over the top when things get exciting

And sometimes, its hard for everyone to accept the fact that
they are not the chosen one as tastes changes as Life goes on.

Where during the Wedding Dinner,
the subtle acts of intended rejection
are shown and the impact is obvious

Very, very obvious

Being friends with the couple helps a lot when it comes to "inside" photos.
The intimacy, the preparations are the things I like to observe. Maybe I
am too used to running here and there in any event that I assumed we
have free access to anywhere. However, privacy is a very sensitive thing
and everyone has to respect it. Its a very different World behind the scenes

And so, the Life of a Bachelor has ended and lifetime of servitude has begun.........

All went very well despite Zybbie's infamous
preparations. However, things began to go
bad when there is a hole in the gown and the
slav...., er Groom is nowhere to be seen.