The Problems with Off-The-Shelf Solutions

And so, nexus wants me to make him a counter before the month is up. Yep and its not easy to say no to him. OK, its easy but call me stupid but I can never resist a challenge. But in actual fact, in order to really satisfy the project, it needs a microprocessor. But since I do not have one ready nor know what code to use, I decided to use the Off-The-Shelf solution.

Oh, how wrong we were on this wretched path....

So, I called them up and asked, "Do you have a
3-digit down counter?". "Yes we do, fro Rm39.90"
was their answer. And so, in the end, I got them.
But to tell you the truth, there is a story to this.

For you see, when they said the counter was Rm39.90,
they were technically right.

What they did not tell you was, the 3-digit
display costs extra, and so I had to get it
as well. But no, this is still not the end.

Back home, I went through the circuit diagram
and immediately, I was very very angry. Just
like it said in the picture above, the clocking
circuit does not exist. You have to build them
yourself and using the above is not a good idea
since it is a manual clocking i.e., 'Push to count'

And what about the Rm29.90 30digit circuit kit?
well, its just a frigging PCB with three 7-segment
LED displays. Yes, yes, its a rip-off. I can build the
circuit for these two projects easily. But the problem
is, I do not have the time nor the luxury to do so
nor make it more efficient.

So, lets have a look at this project.

@#$&*!!! It need resistors! How come it needs
resistors? There no holes in the PCB for these
resistors! What the .......!

I am not happy because if I need to use resistors, I
would have to modify the wiring from the counter
module to the display module. And if i do not want
to, I would then have to modify the power supply
for the display and also the counter. Sheesh. What
a load of @#$%&!*@#!!

And here I am, thinking I could just solder them and it would work. But no, now I have to modify the power requirements, create a clocking circuit, etc. So now, I have to rush through the theory part before my next trip to Pasar Road this Saturday.