BSG O2 Sensor Part II

Dammit. Spend the whole friggin day figuring out the LED sequence as seen on the video. It did not help much as the LEDs I got were common anode which means, I have to program the output with opposite values instead. Which I something I cannot do while the kids are running and screaming about the house.

So, I gave up and went to sleep. Only to wake up and realised that my fucking Nokia 5800 hanged and switched itself off even when its not being used. Yeah, I am not in the best of mood today as I wanted to get this project up and running.

Finally, after a few rounds of ice cold water, I ripped out
all the wires and started all over again, this time in more
systematic arrangement. And also, no more "following"
the LED sequence on the video as I could not get the
nice yellow light perfect from the red/green mixture.
Good thing the circuit can run on 3 volts which means
there would be no bulky batteries. Perhaps I could
push my luck and test it out with a coin cell battery.

And luckily, I bought some diffuser caps for the RGB
so that the lights from each elements "Mix"
better to give
a nicer colour. Its hard to capture
but without the caps, it
(the colour) just looks very
uneven. Even at 3 volts, these LEDs are still very
bright. You cannot view directly or your eyes will
definitely go.

In other words, you're looking at the LED colour in its
own elements instead of the total blended colour.

And not only that, apart from the common anode problem,
the colours form LEDs are not constant, especially when it
comes to displaying White, which was a combination of the
Red, Green and Blue elements inside there. Here, you can
see the LEDs on the left and right are not matching.

At least I got the spare USB programmer up and running.
I need to get a replacement chip puller/inserter as this
does not have a ZIF socket and I have already broken
off the legs of one IC chip, which is not a good thing
since they costs almost Rm20.00 each. Dammit.

Ok, its past three in the morning and I am getting sleepy......... oh, heres the video. See if you like or not, in case I can't meet up with you.