Kristine and Kaelynn

Orange juice

Height of Kaelynn according to her

Taylor Swift's Love Story music video

Scheming Angel


"I found Nemo!"


How to create maximum noise


One man's meat is another man's poison.

Cool. Nice one.

I have been poisoned before but not to such degree. I mean, this is just a small little tube-piece consisting of metal and plastics. But why, oh why, does it make me go nuts? Just a press, a click and that's it. But this, this little piece of wonderful @#$& makes my Heart fill with ..... Love. As in,"I Love You, oh brainless one". Everything is so beautiful!

Even when I just shoot and shoot without any consideration, the pictures are wonderstatically beautiful. I don't even need flash which is what I like. Man, I think I am going to try going back into portraits again..........

Anyone wants to be a model? (Those without boobs, teeth nor facial hair need not apply)

Ah............... The 50mm 1:1.8 prime lens

That scratchy feeling

How many of you scratched your nails on a blackboard or something similar?

Yes, I can feel you squirming now.

Its not a nice feeling. In fact, the feeling is like you kissing your dog and letting it lick your face and then discovering it was eating faeces moments ago. Its not the screeching sound which gets to me but the feeling of the nail on that surface.

My nail is long.
My nail is dry.

I have a long, dry nail,
Scratching all day long.

And scratching,
And scratching.

I took a garden shear,
and sheared it off.

Now I don't bleed to Death
When I dig my nose.

End of Term Party

This morning, as usual, I was late in waking up. We agreed to wake up early so that we could fry some nuggets for Kristine's End of Term party. So, my Wife woke up early without waking me up and did all that herself. I woke up from the smell of the deep frying oil and rushed down.

And by the time I came down, Wife
has almost finished. So, she asked
if I wanted some, which I said "Yes"

Man, these nuggets are delicious!

And so, Wife packed some for
me to eat on the way to the
office. Since my Boss was
cranky, I skipped my oats
breakfast and drove straight
to my appointment in Nilai.
I could have easily made
three meals out of this with
the oats. Damn.