Trip to Pasar Malam

As there was nothing to do on a Sunday as a family, we decided to go to Pasar Malam in Bangsar. Oh, ok, we wanted to get some chicken but missed the morning market. When I was young, I enjoyed going to the Pasar Malam. This was because there were so many things to see. More often than not, there would be one or two surprises. But now, with me travelling all over Malaysia (for the past 5 years) and with so many shopping centres such as 1-Utama, Mid-Valley and The Curve (Sg. Wang does not count), there is nothing in the Night Markets that I have not seen nor express interest.

Well at least for another 3 years or so, that is.

While I was doing my banking, I noticed there
is a EPF kiosk. So, after I fed it my MyKAD, it
spit out all my EPF details. Wah lao. Now I can
go out and buy a *ahem* miniature Lexus car.

Can't remember or bothered if this was the Assam Laksa
stall which many people queued up all the time. So, I got
one packet of Assam Laksa and one packet of Kari Mee.

While they're packing it, Kristine and I noticed the fly
on the bowl of fish. So, I have to take the Assam Laksa
and give the Kari Mee to my wife. We cancel the order
as it was all ready within 5 minutes. Oh, and also I got
two cups of those longan drinks that had in their stall.

Saw some nice louvres in Bangsar Village

Because its hot and humid, I gave Kristine
the longan drink first. She drank up to half
the cup before giving it to me, which I
nothing of it until we reached home
where it
actually tasted like shit.

I think she has my acquired taste for weird
food. Here is Kristine's own recipe: Lekor
with Metropolitan flavoured Ice-Cream.

Saw this at Pasar Malam. Looks nice but the material
is going to attract a lot of unintentional dirt in less than
10 minutes or so. But its so beautiful.... (not for me la!)