Presents from Australia

It was more than seven years that I last saw my friend who migrated to Australia. Just days before, he sent me his photo, I was amazed at how haggard he looked. We're of the same age and he looked like he is in his early 50's! He will be here for 2 weeks and I have no idea where to bring him for him to relax.

Still it was nice to see him but due to the nature of some last minute communications, I did not get my stuff from Australia. Lucky for Kristine, my friend did buy some chocolates for her. And when she saw me carrying the whole bag at the door, she was very excited, never mind if it was past her bedtime.

Fresh and melting from Australia, the real Tim Tams, some Cadbury sweets, and realy big chocolate pack and a High5 DVD

Kristine was so happy, she could not carry them all and they kept falling on the stairs

Its amazing what they would do for chocolates........

I was so tempted to open the pack and give her some but I was afraid my wife might scold me
for spoiling her


And he said to my techinican:

"No! No! You cannot do the cables like this! Aiyah! How can I explain this to my customer?! Hah?! You never do before, ah? Aiyoh! You just plug the cables in front, pull the rest to the back and let the cable management thing take over! Hey. Where is the cable management? Heck.............. Oops. I am supposed to have them installed.........."

And then he walked away quietly.