The hot garlic gravy

This garlic gravy came about when my former Boss was around the office and he called me for a quick afternoon tea. And so, while he had his lunch, I spotted this chicken dish which I packed for home, thanks to his wallet. Heh.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to
have it until two days later. So, I added it
to the Sunday Lunch's Chee Cheong Fun.

The smell of garlic was very strong, from the time
I got it into the office, the car, the fridge and so on.
Then I realised its full of chili too. Yeah, this was so
incredibly hot, I had to drink more than 2 big cups
of pure icy water.

Then came dinner, where I helepd Wife to make
the french fries. And I got a little bit itchy hand

Where I sliced some bananas and dumped them into
the hot oil. Suffice to say, without the batter, they
came up lifelessly limp.

Then Wife said I had to fry more fries as there is
not enough. Although they ended up crispy and
all, there is a sweet banana taste, which gave me
an idea of throwing a fresh clove of garlic but Wife
stopped me on this one. Anyway, the fries came
up a bit speckled due to the burn sugar in the
bananas. They also failed the taste test by the girls
whose tastebuds are very sensitive. Once I told
them its due to the bananas, Kaelynn loved it.

Outdoor switch cover

Went to Pasar road this morning to get something for the Wife and at the same time, I spotted this cover. Its one of those that are meant to be placed over a electrical switch and protect it from minor water splashes such as mild rain or something like that. And so, I decided that our doorbell was the best candidate.

Ordinarily, this switch would have lasted about
so long and not before then. So, in order to make
it last longer and not so before, we used the below

A RM8.00 plastic that comes in with pieces,
a protective foam and a spring. Oh, the price
tag is free, courtesy from the shop.

Wow. Ants in the cavity and these ants
run very fast. But I can't call them Road
runner Ants since this is not a road.

Lazy to remove the wires, luckily, I can
just maneuvre them through the switch
and voila!

All done! Just hope they do not crack too much
or yellow in just a few months.

After installing it, I now dread if someone
would just walk up and then pry the cover
off as its very fragile.

Trapped at Fun and Cheer

with every child's Birthday that falls on a school day, they get to celebrate in the class. And usually, the parents would be buying presents, not only for their kids but also for the whole class. Now I know why Kristine was so happy as she gets to have all the presents to herself. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Kaelynn.

We had headaches enough as it is and so, today, we decided to shop for hers months before the actual day. And what better place than Fun and Cheer. Of course, its a well known fact that everything is from China. Why they did not call the stores Made-In-China, I am not sure. they even had foreign workers. So, this place is 'cheap'. Although there are a lot of things that attracts you, be mindful of the quality and also, the prices as not all are bargains when you compared them with other shops.

This is a place which is more of a 'Cash
& Carry' and personal store in one go.
And all the goods were from China.

I kept telling and reminding them about
the time. But girls being girls, they went
nuts in there until they're almost late for
their swimming lessons. So, I had to use
the Toll to save time. Haih.

Even at RM2 per item on average, by
the time we saw the bill, there were
more than 40 items and well, it costs
us almost RM100.00. Then Kaelynn
decided not to have a party with her
class but in the house. This saved us
a lot of cash but meant more presents
for herself. Very smart, this girl.

We kept the things in the car until the next
day where everyone had more time to sort
things out. Everyone had their stuff.

I could not resist buying this lighter
right after Wife told me that she saw
them on sale at RM5.00 instead of
RM2.00 here. You can see how big
this lighter is, compared to a normal
one. Oh, the flames are big too. Ha ha!

As for me, I got a very big pencil case, maybe
its me but I felt that the make quality for this
is a bit inferior as the ones I bought ten years
ago, did not flex much nor bend at the slightest
stress. The hinges are held with thin copper
wires which comes off easily. Then again you
can't expect much for RM5.00

I chose this because it was big enough to house
all the 24 Faber-Castell colour pencls and plus
extra pens, etc.

Kaelynn helping me to put everything into the
case for test fit. After that, I mounted some of
the rubber foams in there to make sure the
contents do not 'colour' the case too much when
being carried around.