Meeting up @ Pasar Road II

It was the second time to meet up with Pol but unfortunately, by the time we met up, the sky was really dark, as if the Heavens is about to open up. So, with the limited time, he got what he needed (Temperature adjustable Heat Gun). Alas, for old poor Will, the traders were already packing up after they saw the black clouds. So, no LED torches today.

At 55 sen per box, I could not resist in getting
one of each colour. I did not get the black one
as it was 70 sen. These are interlockable and
have a spring loaded open cover. Good for the
1210 SMT leds I bought (foreground)

Something from Shenzhen

More than 10 years ago, if I wanted an electronic part or component, my best chance would be from Pasar Road. And if after searching the whole area produced nothing, then the next step would be to consult RS Catalogues or Farnell. And if they do not have it, the only last chance would be to go down all the way to Singapore (as if I would go there just for one IC chip. Then again.....)

And that's it.

I mean, where else can I get my stuff from? Fast forward years later, where the Internet matured and everyone, including a waiter have their own website or blog. eBay also helped many chose not to work on their day jobs. Ha ha ha ha

But seriously, the funny part is that I got my much sought after IC from the most unlikeliest places. I have been searching for this part since last year with no result. Pasar Road does not have it and my favourite shop also tried to look for it when they're in China. And so, one day, I got bored and tried out eBay.

Yeah. eBay. Of all the places and I got them for as much as I could pay. Within days, the packaged was delivered without any hiccups. And best of all, this guy does not even nag/bother me about leaving positive comments and all that crap.

25 pieces of HT8950 on my desk this morning!
Whoooo hooo!

The mission.........

I don't want to post this as it brings back the memories.

Free at last! Stupid black wires!

Now, let's see, where is the target....

Oh there it is! Have to do a jump... Alley oop!

OK, got what I came for.