Working In Seremban

Usually, on the 1st Day of the New Year, everyone celebrates by taking the day off and doing things they enjoy doing. Or, one could just sit back and relax.

Or not.

Or they could continue their crazy work in Seremban like us. So far so good for we have missed the weekends, the 29th of December and today's Holiday.

We have been doing this for days, going there in the morning and coming back home late at night. Yes, its a big dent on our monthly petrol and toll budget. But it has to be done. For you see, we are replacing a burnt CCTV system and there are a minimun of 24 cameras to be checked/re-conditioned/replaced. However, the main problem which delayed us were the cabling. Since the customer wishes to have a new room for the CCTV system and located away from the original place, we had to locate/re-condition and extend the cables. Which is not easy since the only way for the new cables to reach the new place would be through the roof. And not only that, we had to make sure the new Earthing system is in place too.

Again, because its the New Year, there is a jam going to KL.
Luckily, I am going away from KL. So, why am I going away from KL?

Because my Boss and customer told me to, la.

This earthing system costs us a lot
of money. All they need to do is to
hammer in some metal rods, cut up
the road and use a meter to tell us
that its done. So, why is it costing us
so much?

Because the earthing guy said so, la.

Our New Year's Lunch which costs us a lot
since the original haunt was closed. So, why
did it costs us so much?

Because this is the only place we could find, la.

By 2300, we're only 60% finished. And
why is it 60% finished?

Because we all want to go home and sleep, la.

[BTW, see the red letter? Someone's getting married and they just paid me a visit to make sure I am or else........ Ha ha ha ha ha!]

What colour you want?

Kristine: Daddy, want some sweets?
Me: OK
Kristine: What colour you want?
Me: I want ..... yellow
Kristine: OK, I have red ... orange ... green ... er ... ah ... yellow!
Me: Thank you. Wow, its jellybean!
Kristine: Jellybean! I have jellybean!

My New Year present from Kristine