Trip to Mid-Valley 10112010

Hokay. Here we go again! Mid-valley! woo-hoo!

Somehow, this time, we're going there for the sake of going there. Which is still a nice thing as this could help me release the stress I have been facing for the past few days at the office. Actually, its a quick one because Mommy needs to buy some stuff for her work and this was the nearest place with parking.

Just showed the girls what you can do with those
fancy rolling round crystal LED things which rolls
on water and also
gives off smoke at the same time.
Maybe one day I'll get one and
take it apart to
see how they make the smoke.

Once again, its dinner at Esquire Kitchen and as
Krsitine is growing up, she does not like the Tung
Po meat so much anymore.

And looking at the amount of fat, same goes
for me. But it was the sauce which we loved.
You mix it with the rice and its wonderful.

I always liked the stir-fry veggies there because
their wok is hot enough and its crispy.

They're now old enough to wash their own hands
and we do not have to worry much here.

Bitter Gourd Noodles

Since I am a bit blur on Mandarin and when it comes to
ordering food, I am hopeless. In this case, I blurted out,
"I'll have whatever she's having" in case the others know
my secret as a Super Hopeless Banana. And so, when it
came, I had to eat it. But the surprising thing was, the
bitter gourd was not really bitter at all, just a lingering
taste. Wow. This is really nice!


Things are heating up at the Factory and so are every
one's pressure to get them done before the customers
start complaining. Minutes before we are due to start
work, I had a good laugh. Even the sausages feel the