Picking her nose

Everyday, I pick my nose because it has a lot of stuff trapped in it. And if I don't, it will accumulate and suffocate me in the long run. And this goes the same with my Bengmobile. Its been years since I changed the air filter. I used to change them an every oil change, which is roughly every 5Km. So, for this case, I have not been changing it for about, well, more than 60Km (or more, I forget).

I really need to change them because if the car cannot get enough air, well, bad things happen and its usually the wallet that suffers in the end.

And when I opened the air filer box, this was the
sight that greeted me.

Inside the box tells of a lot of story too. Such as the
stupid fat owner forgot to change the air filter.

There were so much trapped particles in there, the
moment I took the air filter out, it started to pour
onto the battery.

And so, I banged the air filter onto the floor
repeatedly. This is the amount you see after
about 30 hits. And there is more to come.

The Hasbro Snowspeeder

The Hasbro Snowspeeder is very very nice. And if you have the 1980's Kenner version, there is a stark contrast to their details. At that time, the details on it was the usual looks-good-enough-to-fool-people. But for the Hasbro version, it is the same but the amazing thing is, the detail is almost spot on to the actual filming miniature. I would say almost because of two little things; the size and some areas which needs major modifications. Still, I am happy with it and as far as I am concerned, just a bit of re-spraying and a little detailing would make it look realistic. And for RM109.90, its quite OK but I would wish they included at least one action figure.

And so, the Snowspeeder and the Luke Skywalker
action figure set me back quite a bit. If you are
interested in getting them, there are two versions
of the box. One is the blue 'new' design and the other
sort of followed Kenner's original box design. Which
ever version, the toy is the same.

As for the Like Skywalker action figure,
it took me a lot of effort to get it but as
you guessed from the previous post, I
got it at the same time. But this is the
only version and it comes in Battle Game
Cards. Whatever it is, it means I have a
lot of unwanted items. Heh

So, these unwanted items goes into the KIV bin,
forever forgotten until its needed again where it
will be considered as lost.

The reason I got this was because, well, there were
no other Luke Skywalker figures to go with the toy.

And well, he does look like those models in the
filming miniature, as long as you do not look at
it closely.

Let's go to the opening of the Snowspeeder. As usual,
the toys is secured quite firmly and so, there is no
problems about loose items scratching things. The
speeder is complete and the only thing you need to
do is to fit the panel, the twin guns and of course, the
rear tie cable launcher.

And here is where things get interesting. There are
sets of guns. One is the thicker one which allows
you to
launch missiles and the other, is the more
accurate one
which with slight modification and some
paint jobs, will
look very convincing.

Nothing much here, just the panel and the remaining
parts of the speeder's guns, plus the launcher.

Like the Kenner toy, this version also comes with
stickers. But I think I am going to see if there are
ways to detail the cockpit and light it up instead.

Here, it is the first part of the problem, which is
the seats, which is reclining too far back.

You won't notice until you put the action figures
in. Here, you can see that Luke is actually about
to get some shut-eye instead of going into battle.
But looking at it and the actual miniature, I guess
they are almost lying flat inside with the hands
by their sides, on the floor, where the flight
controls were.

There you go. And another thing is that in the actual
filming miniature, the heads of these figures were so
big that they almost had no space inside. But in other
shots, they were OK. But slightly bigger. Here, it is
too small but I am not going to be bothered unless I
really want to sculpt a new figure and cast it, which
I am sure, is a waste to time and resources.

So, looking at the toy, the details are very much there.
One day, when my Nikon D50 is fixed, I will try to do
a comparison shot of all three models. But I need to
find a Kenner Snowspeeder first. Anyone want to lend
me theirs?

I just found out that Luke's speeder is actually grey
and the ones with orange stripes belongs to other
pilots and Wedge Antilles. This is the photo of the
red striped Snowspeeder, taken from Modeller

So, this is the actual Hasbro Snowspeeder toy.

Now, compare this with the filming miniature, also
taken from Modeller Magic.

Of course, once when I have the time, i will start the conversion but right now, its just there, sitting, waiting for me...

The Eve of Chinese New Year 2011

And so, by now, we're all ready for the Big Dinner. As usual, the girls are very excited and happy. You can tell because they're running everywhere, poking their noses into everything, trying to help everyone and also, shouting about. Since its the Eve, I just told them to behave themselves. Not going to shout at them or anything. Maybe I am getting soft...

Kristine with her fan which Mommy taught her
how to make one.

The first Yee sang. Yum-yum. Over the years, we
always ate at home except for the times in KK as
it was too messy to cook.

Man, this is a first. Sausages in brocoli. And luckily,
there was some good chili sauce to go with it,

As the girls sat waiting for Dinner to be ready,
they each took turns to erm, test the food.

Finally, it was time to toss the Yee Sang. Unconsciously,
I was using my left hand. It was alright until I realised I
was doing it, and then it became tired.

Finally, after the Dinner, it was play time for
the girls. That is, until Kaelynn started to dig
her nose which I think, broke a blood vessel
and it bled. This is the AFTER picture. Before
that, blood was dripping down her face to and
I had to cup her chin because there was a lot.
Freaked me out a little, though.

Trip to Toys 'r Us 02022011

Today, while searching for ice cubes, I decided to pass by Bangsar Village since the first 7-11 did not have them due to a faulty freezer. And while I was there, I decided to pass through Toys 'r Us too....

Whoa. The Snowspeeders by Hasbro are in. For RM109.90,
it is a little bit too expensive and moreover, there are no
action figures included. Something which I am not used to
since they ALWAYS have action figures included in vehicles.
So, i told myself, I would not buy it unless I can get a Luke
Skywalker in Snowspeeder uniform at the same time. This
is a very reassuring statement/promise because its hard to
get that figure anyway.

So, I turned around to go home and OH NO! My little
eye saw that very figure on the shelf and its the last
one too! This is a disaster! HA ha ha ha ha!

For RM69.90, I was tempted to get this but I
did not since it would be a little too heavy for
my girls anyway. And if its motorised, I am not
sure how they will injure themselves on this.

Now NERF also came with the Sonic Series, which
is nothing more than moulding the guns in sickly
clear fluorescent green. It would be very nice under
the UV lights, provided you don't go blind first. But
personally, I prefer the clear series, which I missed
out on, months ago.

So, you have the Maverick

The Recon

And the Deploy.

All very nice but I am not going to get them now. Maybe its just me but I hate this type of green.

Another one bites the dust

I am starting to hate pets around the house now.

They die.

They just die. I feed them, and they die. I look at them, the die. I don't even look at them or take notice of them, they die. Sheesh.

So, when I came home, this was
what greeted me. Sigh

CNY Drinks for 2011

For CNY, we are going for drinks other than Kickapoo and 7-Up. Yep We are forgoing them and in fact, we are forgoing a lot of drinks from Permanis, no thanks to UMNO Division Chairman for Titiwangsa Johari Bin Abdul Ghani made it clear that he did not need the Chinese and Indians to win the Titiwangsa seat after some calculation. You can do a search on his speech from Youtube because I am sure its not difficult to search.

But somehow, after discussing with friends and relatives, a few questions did crop up:

But what about KFC and Pizzahut? They serve Pepsi.
What about it? Do a take-away if you want or just forgo them altogether

The boycott is going to hurt the workers there.
If the workers are smart, they and the company WILL do something about this fella.

Are you going to boycott this in the long run? What if all drink companies are like this?
I believe in having less sugar in my drinks and these drink don't do not contribute my overall health anyway.

What if you live in Titiwangsa?
The answer is obviously clear, my friend.

I wonder why most of the affected drinks are still on
sale while the rest are going like hot cakes even
they costs more...

This is our choice for the day

I just don't get it. 7-Up is going for nnOoOo and
Pepsi is going for nmO0Oo.

Hardened Chocolate

This is Milo. Look at the hardened Milo. It can crack
and still look like $#!%. You need a power saw
to get at it because it nearly broke the kitchen
scissors. I think I am going to keep it as weapon
in case there is a thief... I will call it The Sodomilo