What is wrong with this picture?

Our job is simple. Bring along the phone and also the door access system and install them. We're not doing the cabling this time because like all main Contractors, they have gotten it. Which is not a big deal for me except that they know nuts about cable termination. I am very confident that the cabling job was done by more than one person. And trust me on this, each person has their own version of cabling colour codes. In the end, I had to go over all the eight connections and rewire them to the correct colours.

Oh, and guess what? Yes, the cable
guys were stupid enough to exclude
the power points for both the phone
and the door access system. A few
days later, they also forgot about the
FAX cable. And a few more days later,
the pulled the FAX cable wrongly too.
So, we had to correct the mistakes
these idiots did. Sheesh.