The trip down South Part II

The next morning, we had about half an hour left before the Hotel's Breakfast Buffet closes (due to someone sleeping later than me) and so, we continued our work of correcting all the network points. Although we offered to do it for free, the customer insists on paying us for it since the local cabling guys have gone. But anyway, I still have two more visits to complete and one of them was at the customer's branch office in PTP. With an hour's drive, we got to know each other more and not only that, we found that we had several similarities. Anyway, by the time we reached back to the main office, was Boss has finished his job and we're on our way to the next destination: Lunch.

But before we start our journey back to KL, we detoured to Johore BBahru's infamous Holiday Plaza for some DVDs (since our customer told us that it only costs him RM5.00 per disk.) Maybe I should have been to Singapore more often but being there at the Plaza, with so many stalls catering from game consoles to PC games to bags to clothes to car accessories, I almost went overboard on shopping spree. Luckily, my Boss pulled me back to the original mission. Looking for DVDs there is not easy because of the active raiding by the authorities. They still man the stalls but their operation is now very different. As soon as you walk past them, they will call out to you and also hand you their business cards. Once you're interested, they will open a small door behind the stalls. Depending on which stall you enter, you can either express your wish to purchase DVDs or watch “films” in the mini cinema behind those doors. Once you confirm you wish to buy, they will lead you via a runner to their actual shop which is located at the top of the shopping complex and after some secret knocks, you're in. The discs are lines up wall to wall inside the shops and you can choose and test to your heart's content. I did not take any pictures since I noticed that have placed CCTVs both inside and outside the shop. Anyway, at this shop, it costs us RM6.00 per disc. But still, this is way cheaper than we we could get in KL. Some of the titles I got was:

2)Winnie the Pooh 4 in 1
3)Barney's Colour Live Concert
4)Star Wars Ep IV
5)Star Wars Ep II
6)Devilman (CGI Anime)
7)S.H.E.'s Encore
8)Paprika (Anime)
9)Frank Miller's 300
11) A Scanner Darkly (animation)
12)Afro Samurai (Anime)
13)Castle in the Sky (anime)

With that much, I was still tempted to get more such as the whole Star Wars series, the Lord of the Rings and more. But I had to stop there since I came to my senses and realised that I still had not even completed one disc from my last trip to Prai where Loctor brought me to a few DVD shops. By the time we finished, it was time to head back to KL since it was already too late to visit the Melaka customer. I should have been more assertive on this because my Boss does not realise the urgency of this customer. We should have gone on the first day, though. And I could not go on Monday as there were more pressing matter to look into before our three day trip up Northeast starting Tuesday. Sigh

Nothing much on the way home except this time I got to sit at the back and slept most of the way home. The route towards Kepong (and/to Batu Caves) was jammed for about more than 8 kilometres. Luckily we took the other route and did not think much about it until later, which I think could be some Police roadblocks. I mean, on a Saturday night, it was too late to go to Selayang Mall, the route to Genting Highlands was clear and so was Batu Caves. Weird.

The same view, but during the day.
Note to self: Bring swimming trunks
They scoop up the waste paper and put into those green compactors
This is the end result

For lunch, we stopped by a Bak Kut teh stall. This guy was frying stuff on a claypot
The delicious Bak Kut Teh
And the soup is clear, much to my surprise
Yep, me and my garlic again

A shot from the Holiday Plaza

Rainbow on the Horizon and not even a drop of rain
Golden Sunset spoilt by my camera and a speeding 4x4
A Petrol Station on one of the R&R. Just look at the roof!
Swallows! Too bad the station ppl don't know the value of bird's nest