05112012 Trip to Amcorp Mall

Not being content with infecting only a handful to ICW, I decided to try for a larger crowd and where better than Amcorp Mall. Alas, I should not have gone there because there is nothing interesting and my Flu has gone. Awww......

They have erected an Automatic Ticket machine instead of the normal pay as you exit booths

And here are Laurel & Hardy, standing by, eager to help in case customers have problems with their tickets.

Eww.... was I gone that long?

I haz der something from ICW

Its a quick rush to ICW then, while my medication is still working. I wanted to drop by there and also, at the same time, spread my flu to them. Please don't see me as being heartless for I believe that if they caught the flu, then when the actual flu round comes, they would be immune to it. But then again, if they're already having flu when I was there, then its a matter of seeing whose flu is stronger...

These are Photo-etched rotary blades which you can attach to your rotary tool for well, some power cutting, jobs, I suppose.

Wanted to get this a long time ago but most of the shops are out of it and so, luckily, ICW still have them. They can be used for any situation, from a 1/100 hatch to a 1/18 petrol cover and so on. Or even a 1/1 model for a 1/100 hatch...

I haz der Flu

OK, I don't feel so well today. And this is not a good sign. Weeks ago, most of the staff in the office had flu and just as everyone is healing up, its my turn...

With phlegms and boogers this colour, you can bet that its not a normal cold. Ok, don't try using them as glue because I just found out some paper that I had glued only have yellowish stains for my troubles.

RM65.00 for some cough pills, a vapor rub and paracetamols. This is the reason why I do not like going to the Doctors. I am paying them to tell me what I needed to do earlier, except that this one comes with certainty.

Hours later, the medication seems to work wonders (except when it wears off). You can tell by this booger being semi-solid and not runny. Quick, its time to salvage whatever's left of this beautiful Saturday.