Sunday Play B

She saw some boys in the next play thing and rushed over

This frightened the maid as Kristine really went through the
netting as if it way nothing. In actual fact, her legs were caught
but she was too excited to notice it.

So, after helping her, Kristine lost interest and tried to
escape by squeezing herself out of the door

Then she went looking for another slide instead

Sunday play

We knew the girls need to have some exercise once in
a while. So, we took them to Subang Parade and she
saw her favourite spot: Outside Toys 'r' Us

Poor, poor Kaelynn, who cannot play with her elder sister,
had to wait it out on her stroller

Things are fine until she spots another thing

Naughty Kaelynn

Here is Kristine, happily vandalising her alphabet sketchbook

And here is Kaelynn who is.... "What is it, Dear?
You don't want to tell Daddy your plans, is it?"

And then here comes Kristine and *Aaaaah!*
Kaelynn bullied Krsitine

"OK, hands off, girls. No need to start World War III!"