30032012 Trip to Toys r Us

Dropped by Toys R Us today and was pleasantly surprised that they have some new toys. These are the action figures from the upcoming Avengers movie. And to be honest, I think they're trying to go all out on this as one whole shelf was given to them

Even the toys for The Dark Knight Rises were shelved....

The 7" figures were quite nice. But alas, Hawkeye and Black Widow were not in the line-up

A remodeled Repulsor

Oho... Iron Man's Armour now has more armour!
But I am not surprise because Captain also has the same thing.

Now, this is something I am interested in.
However, my wallet was not.

Improved face helmet with sound and light up eye slits.

OK, so they have the customary Arc Ractors.
Why Am I not excited? See below

Yep, even Captain America has one.... sheesh

And its method of fixing to your chest is the same.
In other words, its the same Iron Man Arc Ractor but with new fascia

Erm... what the heck is this?

Masks galore and none for Hawkeye...
All in all, every figure you want, its there. But to make sure Black Widow and Hawkeye do not feel left out., they were shrunk to become the 3.75" action figures. I mean, the Big guys like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America all have their own movies and so, the toys reflected that. While the other tow were just... bystanders. Heh.

Still, would I buy any of them? Apart from the Arc Reactor, sadly, no. This was because money all of a sudden has become very tight and so, as much as I wanted the Quinjets, I'll have to pass. Also, the prices have risen, which is really the nail/cement/superglue in the coffin for me on this.

This girl, ah...

This girl, ah....
I know her wounds are still not heale yet but this does not mean she can drop plasters everywhere

1/32 Moebius Cylon Raider Part 13

Yes! The new prototype PCB is ready!

I got two made this time, in case of mistake since the copper tracks are very fine

Blinded by censoship (racial)

Sometimes, I really have to stop myself and think why did I say/think like that. Its maybe I am so fed up with the City or that through many bad/sour experiences, it overcame me.

Take for example, this simple billboard which I glimpsed briefly while I was driving and the only thought that came to my mind was, "Idiots. A girl posing like that also must censor her chest, ah?"

Luckily, I did take the photo and when I saw it later, I realised how biased and prejudiced I was towards the Authorities. Its just a bloody book.
And so, to redeem myself, I have now made up my mind who to vote for, and hopefully, this will cleanse my prejudiced thinking.

Kaelynnv helping

Yep, its so nice when she comes to help me even when I did not ask her to