Introducing Sabrina and Barbie...

Grandma bought more fishes for the girls and this time, each has their own mini aquariums. Suffice to say, after a few days of interest, I was the one who made sure they are fed and their tanks cleaned. So, one day, I made sure that these responsibilities are theirs and theirs alone.

Come to think of it, having pets for them is also another way of making sure they understand responsibility and also, the cause & effects of their actions. Way to go, Mum. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Left is Sabrina (Kaelynn's) and right is Barbie (Kristine's)

Seeking shelter the SMART way

Just experienced a very heavy downpour and minutes later, it was all Sun, Sun, Sun. So now, its no Fun.

No image manipulation here, just the effect of rain water coming down the windshield.