TT in Penang

OK, we finally had a nice TT near Penang's MegaMall. We settled for a Korean Restaurant which I completely forgot its name. But we had a nice time eating there (and I whacked all the garlic). After that, we adjourned to MegaMall where I bought some DVDs (Original? Fairy Airforce and Macross Zero and a VCD for babies) before settling at Starbucks.

TT with AutoWorld Forummers
For those who know, you know who they are and for those who do not, its not life threatening.

We ordered the Bulgogi set
The pan is heated (through a hole) from a stove underneath the table
And I whacked all the garlic

Then, this is another dish from the set and I whacked all the garlic

Each of us had a bowl of herbal soup
But there were no garlic in it