Parts for the Nutcracker

I saw this model today and I really could not resist getting it Yes, its also the last one. Yes, I know, they costs money but then again, this is a Chinese brand. It was so cheap, it even made the other Chinese brands looked expensive. Yes, this this is a very cheap model. And, yes, nobody else wanted it and that is why it is so cheap...

I wanted this model because of kit-bashing. But in actual truth, I wanted a Merkava Mk IV instead of an Abrams. Since I do not have either one, I cannot justify buying a new model which costs and arm and a leg because of a few parts. If you want to know, that Merkava would have cost me RM180 or so. Its nice to have it, with all those crisp details but for what I am going to do with it, I don't think its worth the money.

This is the W.S.N. M1A2 Abrams MBT. The box art was
so attractively designed, nobody dared to purchase it in
case they accidentally scratched the picture...

It is a real bargain because there are so much parts
in there. But there is a trade-off as you all know
the adage by now, 'If its too good to be true..."

But I mean, hold on there. In this case, its different.
Very different indeed. For one, you get a free motor
and gears too, something which no self-respecting
model kit manufacturer would give you because
it makes the kit turn into a fragile tacky toy.

Still, I am not so particular because these are the
parts I am looking for. No way am
I going to spend
about RM180 just to get
the same pieces. OK, not
only that, the
details are passable. Not crisp or
fine but
good enough for me.

Want to see something weird?
On the box, its W.S.N. brand but here...
OK, what we're witnessing here could be the transition
of the Chinese model kit scene from tacky to 'oh-my-
God-so-many-parts-and-details' path. Don't believe me?
Me neither. I just want to be optimistic, that's all.

So, what d'ya think?
I had to choose modern tanks because their turret
ring/collar or whatever you call them, fits the Nutcraker.
Nice, huh? Nice or not? Tell me, la...