And the Father ran away.....

OMG! I have never expected such a beautiful package can just make so much chocolate!

[Imagine half a cup of melted cadbury's, mix in a bit of green colouring and voila! First bio-waste from Kristine!!!]

The smell was unbearable, even worse than my meal of Petai and garlic. So, doing what a new-born Father would naturally do, I ran to the other room. It was fine until both Wifey and Mom discovered my disappearance (within seconds). So, I was forced to get some hot water back into the room..........

I tell you, even Fear Factor is no match for this kind of torture.

Moron customer

You know, one thing I hate are people who do not know what is going on, but keeps on shouting on the hopes that the situation for them would get better.

I was busy liaising with the person-in-charge (PIC) regarding the requirments for thier newly installed PBX when this nut, every few minutes kept shouting, "My phone is not working!" or "I can't connect to the Network". He was really getting on my nerves, what with other people nearby who sussed that I was the Phone guy for the day, kept asking things like:
i) Can you do this/program for me?
(At the risk of bypassing your PIC or possibly your Boss, no)
ii) Why when I plug the phone here, it does not work?
(Because the floor plan said, no phone is supposed to be there)
iii) Why is my fax machine not working? It was fine this morning
(Because you switched it off, you moron)
iv) Why is my phone white?
(Because your purchaser is allergic to Red. No, seriously, so that you can tell the difference between a Digital Keyphone and a normal single-line phone, which are meant for non-important slave like yourself)

So, once I got things sorted out, I gave him a test call from the other end of the room. He was suprised his phone actually rang:

Me: Hello, is this extension 102?
Him: Er, yes.
Me: Was there a problem with your phone?
Him: Yes, it was not working.
Me: Really? If it was not working, it would not have rung, right?
Him: .............
Me: Anyway, thank you for using Telekom Malaysia
(The company used other Telco and not Telekom)
Him: Uh, OK.

Then , a few minutes later, I can hear him, "I can't connect to the Network!", which means, now the poor IT Guy is next.

You know, just to irritate him, I could disguise my voice and call in as a Tele Marketeer or IT Support guy to tell him what to do to get his Network link working. Maybe I would ask him to look for all the cables under the desk and yank it all out or get him to move his Notebook to the toilet or something.