That was fast

Kristine: Ahaha ha haha ha! [Running out from the bathroom naked]
Me: OK, its my turn to take bath! [Walking into the bathroon]
Wife: Dear, be careful in there, Kristine just disintegrated a bar of soap.........
Me: What the...........?! How can she do that in just under a minute?

Trip to Mid-Valley

So, after eight months, we finally got the chance to step into Mid-Valley. There were a few reasons why we took the Kommuter. Firstly, we're not in Bangsar anymore and secondly, at this hour, traffic must surely suck. Last of all, if I am not mistaken, the parking charges there have increased significantly. So, with great excitement, Kristine gets to sit on the train for the second time. Anyway, the trip took us more than two hours (One hour to get Kristine ready, another to drive to the station, miss the train and so on). Were there any difference in Mid-Valley since 2007? Nope. Everything just looked the same. Same shops. Same Sunday crowds, etc. I was hoping for some nice changes so that the long journey there was worth it but it was sort of an anti-climax. And not only that, by the time we arrived, the traffic was smooth. Maybe it was because of the new parking charges I suppose but I did not have the opportunity to check it out.

From Subang, there are more than six stops. By the time we arrived, we were tired out since the train was packed.

Unlike CuteBlueEyedBabe's bento, I paid RM13.80 for some Foreign guy to make it for me

Vandalism. A really good laugh when you step into Mid-Valley

Listening to Soundwave

Whenever you receive your salary, it can be a very happy experience. And sometimes, that happines can make you do stupid things like buying a 1GB miniSD card months before your actual budgeted target. And the fist thing I did was to download some transformer .wav files and also a few choice MP3s into it. And just this morning, I managed to test out Soundwave (by hiding in the toilet again).

Switching him on/off is just a simple matter of pressing and holding the PLAY/PAUSE button for a few seconds. You know you have done it right when the blue LED starts to flash on and off. Being a basic MP3 player, you cannot play the song halfway or focus on to a particular segment. With the five buttons there, you can just Play, Pause, go to the next song or to the previous song. And apart from adjusting the volume for the hadphones, thats just it. However, there is a complain that when there is a quiet moment in the MP3, you can hear some hissing.

Still, this is a Transformer MP3 player and well, for that price, you can't really complain much. I mean, there are no other tranforming MP3 players in the market yet (the ones which transform into little pieces after you drop it does not count)

Here it is, the miniSD card. If I got it sooner, I would have saved RM1

Soundwave is giving the miniSD card a chance......

When the MP3 player is on, there will be a flashing blue light

Whoop. there you go, Soundwave and the new A4Tech headphones
And he is behaving himself......
I wanted to take a shot of him holding the two headphones like a pair of gun but they did not fit into his hands