2-Feet Freefall

It just sort of happened when Kristine got too ambitious. When she rolled too many times near the edge, Gravity took over. With a noticable lump and after a heart-wrenching cry, she was at it again. However, both of us are quite worried and will be sending her to the Doctor tomorrow.

Stupid proverb of the day:
The best things in life are free but it'll cost you to get it

And they called it miscommunication

I was quite chuffed today due to an incident at one of my customer's site. Well, actually, it was one of out reseller's customer's site.

It was a very simple talk of going there, install an extension card and then activate four keyphones. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned many times, the word simple is not what it seemed. Anyway, I was there the week before and the reseller gave me a short cable, which I was unable to complete my work. So today, I had to go there again, this time with the correct length cable. Unfortunately, the reseller forgot to mention to his customer that I was supposed to be there.

While I was about to install the card, I was told to stop work with terse politeness and remove myself from the place. So, I called the reseller (who conveniently let me speak to his voicemail instead) a few times but to no avail. Then they called their PIC
(person in charge) at HQ. Apparently, the reseller forgot to mention to HQ's PIC to instruct the Management at that site to allow me to work. Knowing it was not really my fault, I did as I was told.

Then the HQ's PIC asked me to stay on to continue the work but I was already quite pissed off and still keeping my composure, told her tersely in a polite way that since I am taking instructions from the reseller, and since I cannot get in touch with him, I will not do anything else. The poor girl who was made to call HQ told me its just a small miscommunication, which I couldn't agree more. But deep inside, I know this would not have happened if everyone was informed by the reseller earlier on.

In the background, the Manager was having a shocked face, realising what he has done ...............

Stupid proverb of the day:
Experience is what makes you realise you have done the same stupid mistake again