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Well, Wife wanted a Clothes hanger. So, whatever Wife wants, Wife gets. When it comes to stuff like this, the message is loud and clear: Go with her to the shopping mall, help her choose the best clothes hanger (ie cheapest and most lasting in terms of design), help her bring it home and assemble them, while with a smile on the face. The last bit is very important because if you did a snafu in any of the steps, at least she will remember your smile and scold you slightly less.

So, try not to smile like an idiot because due to the nature of this mission, its on the borderline between sarcasm and being mentally unstable. Either which will get you an instant sleeping trip on the floor. Cold, hard floor.

OK.This is the clothes hanger which the manufacturer has managed to stuff everything into this loooooong box.

And so, once you take them all out, its all over the place. It would be a hassle to pack it all back and sent it all back to the mall if there is a missing part. Yes, I know we should have check, provided we were allowed to do so and also, at least, with the instruction sheet to check against. You see the problem here? No? OK, let me show you the instruction sheet.

That's the instruction sheet right there. Really.

Luckily, all there parts are there and it went without a hitch. The assembly was so simple and I did it as if I had done this in my previous life. (Which is a lie because they do not have this until early 2000).
In this case, we realised that the more expensive the item, does not mean its better. Bear in mind that this will be used under the Sun and therefore, one would need minimal plastic parts since the Sun's UV rays would fade the plastic and also, in most cases, make them brittle. We avoided all the joints using plastic parts but went for the simple single or double spot welded metal parts. Sure it will rust and all but it will definitely last longer than plastic. That is, as long as Kaelynn does not climb on them...

Mounting the Lamp

We needed to get this done as soon as possible as Chinese New Year is just around the corner and if I am not careful with the planning, its going to sneak by and shout 'Boo' at me. And so, with the gate having being completely vandalised with white paint by yours truly, I decided to make sure the neighbours get the message, even at night.

But first thing first, which is a take-away lunch from the noodle restaurant

And now, its time to work. This is the lamp, which I have assembled last week.

The first problem I encountered was quite embarrassing. I had bought the cheapest but longest power cable I could afford and thanks to my brilliant engineering maths, it was 8 feet short.

Facepalm moment: After an hour of searching for more power cables and figuring the solution, it just hit me. Maybe its the Sun stroke or my brain just woke up but the solution was just staring right in front of me. Yep, all I have to do is connect a power point socket to the cables for the lamp, then switch it on. This also means I have wasted my money for the earlier power cable...

Voila! All done!

It looks good in daylight and later on, it works well at night too. But I am itchy to try with putting some tracing paper behind the glass panes to diffuse the light. Or maybe, not.

Sigh. My stash is growing and the room is seriously starting to shrink to the point that I cannot even put a table in there. I just do not want to turn it into a storeroom but a workroom cum display/relaxing room.