Kristine's haircut

Kristine had her hair cut and although I specifically told my Wife not to chop off her long hair, I felt as if Kristine's hair has become shorter. . . still, I think we saved about RM10.

This is how she feels about her new haircut

Still, with her bangs cut like that, she
looked more like a China doll.

Building my PSU Pt 1

Today marks the first day of the two weeks school holidays in Malaysia. Which is a good thing because, not only does my Wife get to sleep in late, I get to go to the office early. Ha ha ha. Actually, there is a reason why I needed to go to the office as early as possible. I find it quite impossible to do my own projects even at home now. What with the increasing workload and all, its quite frustrating for me not being able to do anything to help bring in more income.

But there is also some things I need to get done as well. One of the things would be a power supply. The power supply I had built in my University days is getting on and although it can still be used, I would need another but with a more exact voltage. My dream power supply would be that RM380 version which I saw at Pasar Road (which features votages up to 30 volts and variable current output) but until then, I have to find an alternative. And this is where the PC power supply comes in. It will give me 12 volts, 5 volts and 3.3 volts when I need it. And if I want to, I can make a circuit to give me other voltages such as the 6volts and 9 volt ranges not in the power supply.

So, the first thing is, to get a PC power supply, which is not a problem since I have salvaged quite a few. Then the first problem would be in how to make a case for the power supply since it would look weird sitting there on its own. Anyway, while I had the time to think this morning, I decided to swap its internal fan with a Ah Beng version (which has green LEDs) which I bought eight years ago.

I came in 45 minutes early. Just in time to warm up
the soldering iron, remove the old fan and solder in
the new one before the technicians come in.