Seafood Dinner

As always, wherever you go in Teluk Intan, there is always plenty of seafood. The five course meal cost me MR68 (could be cheaper if my Sis-in-Law paid, but I want to return some past favours). We had: (Pardon my ignorance of dishes names)
-A very big fish
-Claypot Tofu
-Deep fried calamari with those fluffy stuff
-Some (shy) vege which is hidden behind the
-Sweet & sour unknown fish. ha ha ha ha

See the garlic in front?
As usual, after finishing it, no one wanted to talk to me

Teluk Intan Coffee Houses

There is one thing that you do not see much in KL, which are the coffee houses. These are the by-products of a long gone era (60's?) and luckily, there are still some left here. I would think thta these could be one of thos places where each of our parents would frequent during thier days where KFC or MacDonalds do not exist. One thing I loved going to teluk Intan, apart from the Chee Cheong Fun and fresh fruits, are the Coffee Houses. And different Coffee Houses have different themes. There is one where they even displayed a lot of old memorabilia. Sometimes, you will come across some amazing menus. And of course, the prices are very reasonable. Here is one of them:

The Corned Beef Chop

At first, this is your normal meal, with egg, fries and some salad.
(Yes, that drink is made from FRESH mangos and not some cordial)

Once you cut it, its corned beef! Wohooo!
(Next time, I will try the Corned Mutton. Really)

This is the Hotel Hoover.
A few doors away, would be the famous Chee Cheong Fun
But they do not open in the afternoon.

Speed Trap?

So, today is the start of my three day Holiday and we were on our way to Teluk Intan. My colleague has received an E-Mail with pictures saying that the NKVE Sungai Buloh Bridge has some cameras installed. So, I decided to stop by and have a look at it myself.

Shot this at the edge of the cliff

This is from the "Burger King" side and somehow,
I don't think they are for traffic monitoring

These cameras are aimed at the vehicles going towards KL

So, are they speed trap cameras or what? There were signs on the Highway dividers (installed years ago) stating this is a speed trap area. We can usually spot the Policemen manning the cameras under the bridge but nowadays, they have disappeared and these cameras appeared. What do you think?